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What Is Your Molestation Story? #MeToo

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Anywhere they go, and be they of any age, any description, women are sexually harassed. What if we spoke about our molestation without stigma?

”A friend of mine was on was on a train journey. She woke up at night to see a man standing close to her and feeling her up.”
”Another one, had an undergarment thrown at her as she walked down a road.”
”And yet another one, waiting to cross the road, was hit on her breasts by a man in car that slowed down right in front of her, only to speed away after that.”

There are a thousand such stories that I know. Stories that my friends told me but were embarassed to tell anyone else. I went through something similar when I was 8 years old, and travelling with my mom. The hurt and the trauma becomes bearable but the frustration on not being able to do something about it, that burns as ever.

Men are wonderful. They are. So uncomplicated and practical. But what about these few animals (maybe an insult to animals!) amidst us? What do we do for them? Penning down what you have seen or been through would serve three things.

a) People who read this will know they are not the only one who go through this and are not to be blamed.

b) Convey to everyone what being a woman in India entails. The everyday challenge that we face in coming to work or being anywhere for that matter.

c) Break the social stigma surrounding it. Women feel victimised and are ashamed of what happened to them. Why?

We can talk about Nirbhaya or some other woman, but why are we scared of facing our own devils? Why write about this on this forum? So that more than two lakh men around you know and understand.

How many of us actually go back and tell our family about what we face? Why not tell the family of others what we survive?

Are you WOMAN enough to do that?

Image source: is a screen grab from the movie Raanjhanaa

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