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Single And Dating Someone New? Be Sure To Protect Yourself From Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Posted: October 27, 2017

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If you are single and dating, (or just dating a new person, period), you need to be aware of and careful about sexually transmitted diseases that they could give you.

The weekend was stressful. A friend, a single girl working in an IT firm, called up crying. She is one helluva strong girl, and I was taken aback by what she told me.

She had just got diagnosed with a viral infection, a strain of which will last for her lifetime and she is a carrier forever. It is a sexually transmitted disease. She had met this man on a popular dating site few months back, and one thing led to another. She had used protection but nothing is fool-proof. I tried to console her, but she will need to do a lot more to get her life back on track.

But, why am I mentioning her here? The girl I’m talking about is around 30, single, living alone in a city and needed companionship (since even getting married is not easy anymore). But this girl could have been anyone. I could have read about it or heard about it, but such a close friend….Just that one doesn’t expect it to happen to oneself.

What is your plan? Are you dating someone? Planning to get married? Or not? It might sound too practical in the romantic world of love, but are you aware of the medical history of the person you are dating? What do you do to ensure your safety? How are you so sure that the next person you decide to be with isn’t carrying the burden of infection?

I thought a lot before penning this down. Should I? Is it the right topic to talk about? Would it hurt some people? Is this a relevant forum?

I realised it is one of the most relevant forums considering we have a large number of singles in our world today. We go on dating sites, flirt with colleagues, and look for a potential partner at the work place. We talk of Safety and Health. We have a complete team of HSE, and Safety First has been our phrase. And although the post might be disapproved by some but it would benefit a lot more.

At least next time you would tell yourself ‘‘it CAN happen to me or my loved one”.

I know it can.

Image source: pixabay

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