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be kind
Be Kind To Everyone You Meet, As You Do Not Know The Battles They Are Fighting

A personal piece which speaks of the need to be kind to people, as we are not always aware of the problems faced by them, the seriousness of the battles they fight.

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To All Who Stare!

#Poetry. The poet speaks of a special child, a loved daughter who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, whom everyone stares at when they are out in public.

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I Now Know Why James Blunt’s ‘You Are Beautiful’ Hit The Jackpot!

The world is truly biased in favour of who is traditionally considered beautiful, offering them far more opportunities than if they were not.

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What Is Your Molestation Story? #MeToo

Anywhere they go, and be they of any age, any description, women are sexually harassed. What if we spoke about our molestation without stigma?

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silent treatment
Won’t You Talk To Me, Please? Why The ‘Silent Treatment’?

So many of us are in the habit of giving our loved ones the silent treatment, shutting them off, if we are angry with them. Does that really achieve anything?

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keep our elders safe
Are We Doing Enough To Keep Our Elders Safe?

After a certain age, they really cannot fend for themselves - its like a second childhood. Are we doing all we need to to keep our elders safe?

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Single And Dating Someone New? Be Sure To Protect Yourself From Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you are single and dating, (or just dating a new person, period), you need to be aware of and careful about sexually transmitted diseases that they could give you.

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