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The Thoughts Of Men Behind The Staring At Women And The Moral Policing

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Men seem to feel that staring at women in public places and moral policing is their birthright by gender. How is this OK?

We have all been victims of them – the staring eyes, that feeling of disgust as you feel the ogling.

In this video uploaded by the channel Chase, the video presenters actually confront these men. The team seemed to consist of three people – two women and a man. The women would walk in front and the man would notice who was staring at them. Then, together they would go and question the man about the reasons behind his actions.

What was shocking was how opinionated some of the men were about what constitutes ‘decent’ dressing and what doesn’t. One went as far as to say that rape was good in case the girl wore short or even fitting clothes!

It seems that some men have taken it upon themselves to decide what constitutes standard dressing for girls. Then they also have the excuse of only looking at beautiful things; that they had every right to appreciate beauty and that there is no reason to be bothered by it.

Thus, in a way it is an assertion of power, an assertion of the dominance they feel entitled to. It is like they want to see how far they can stretch the boundaries because a woman feels powerless.

A woman in this video talks about how traumatizing such incidents can be which resonates with most of us. We truly do sometimes feel incapable of taking any kind of action when such perverted incidents occur. This power play comes at a very heavy cost to women who cannot walk, move or express themselves freely.

The video also points out the important factor that such a mentality is not confined to a particular class of men. It is all around us and women from all walks of life have been hapless victims of this form of abuse. It is very important to address this flawed mindset of the people. They need to start taking responsibility for their actions and start recognizing that such behaviour is totally unacceptable.

Watch the video here.

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