Indian Women Talking About Street Harassment: No Country For Women [Video]

Posted: September 21, 2015

These Indian women talk about the street harassment they have faced, and it’s not shocking, as most women watching this video will be able to relate.

These 6 women talk about the street harassment they have faced during their teenage years, some even before that. This is not just their story, but the story of women across India, all of whom will be able relate. It’s interesting to note that these disgusting men target very young girls or children because they cannot voice back.

These incidents can take place anywhere from the crowded roads to the confines of our homes. The only question that remains unanswered despite rising sexual crimes against women is how to end it. In India, where women are treated as properties, it is not a shock that a woman has no autonomy of their bodies. Sexual harassment of women is a byproduct of this patriarchal monopoly that is so deeply rooted and ingrained in our psyche.

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