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This Comic Strip About Love Tells You It’s Alright To Be Yourself

Posted: November 16, 2016

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This simple comic strip about love is about the kind of love that needs to come first – accepting yourself for the unique person you are.

We face tremendous pressure to fit into something we are not. Allegedly, that’s the only way to success. Everyday many people face this shame and mental abuse of not being “enough”.

Not good enough or smart enough or talented enough. We take up so much pressure and stress ourselves no end to become perfect, to make us able enough for our goals – but it’s like chasing our own tails.

But maybe we’ve got it all wrong.
Maybe we’ve got to customize success to who we are instead.

This is what led me to create this particular strip. If we could just relax, stop ostracizing ourselves, and take the time to discover ourselves instead- we would find that what we want right within our reach.

You don’t have to be exceptional physically or exceptional mentally; you just have to find acceptance for yourself. Accept and appreciate who you are and who others are. Limitations can be overcome. Chin up and walk ahead!







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