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Juliette Boursier Is Cracking The Lingerie Market & Helping Women Earn While She’s At It

Juliette Boursier is an entrepreneur striving to make it in the fast-growing Indian lingerie market. She shares her exciting journey of creating Jalouse.

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Young People Are Experimenting With Sex. Are We Giving Them The Sex Ed They Really Need?

Indian society needs sex education for teenagers that helps them take safe decisions in every sense, rather than preaching at them as moral police.

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Where Have The Women In Science Gone? The Labhoppers Are Finding Out.

Why does the proportion of women in science drop as we go up the ladder? What do Indian women in science need to be able to pursue their passion? A very special team, the Labhoppers, is finding out.  Meet the LabHoppers – Aashima Dogra and Nandita Jayaraj. Yes, you heard it right. Labhoppers. These science communicators […]

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Hats Off Sunny Leone! This Unapologetic Star Has Made It To BBC 100 Women

The BBC recently came out with its BBC 100 Women 2016 – a list of influential and inspirational women of 2016. While all of these women aren’t famous, each of them is so beautifully working towards a cause in her own way.

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Here’s Wishing The Kind-Hearted Minister Sushma Swaraj A Speedy Recovery

Sushma Swaraj revealed on Twitter recently that she has taken ill with kidney disease and has been admitted to a hospital for dialysis treatment. She is one of the most recognised and admired female faces of contemporary Indian politics.

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This Comic Strip About Love Tells You It’s Alright To Be Yourself

This simple comic strip about love is about the kind of love that needs to come first - accepting yourself for the unique person you are.

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The Thoughts Of Men Behind The Staring At Women And The Moral Policing

Men seem to feel that staring at women in public places and moral policing is their birthright by gender. How is this OK?

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When A Woman Is Kissed Against Her Will, And We Call It…Entertainment!

In a live screening of a TV show TMPM in France, a woman was kissed against her will, on her breast after she explicitly denied consent to be kissed on screen. Why is violation of a woman's autonomy seen as entertainment?

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Help Us Fulfil Our Duties As Daughters: Indian Women Demand In A New Petition

A new petition on asks for equal rights for women to take care of their parents and fulfil their duties as daughters.

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Separating A Man From Parents Is Cruelty. How About Married Women Who Leave Their Homes?

A recent judgment says separating a man from parents is cruelty. How can the law support this bias that married women who leave their parental homes are only following a 'natural' course?

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The Night March Of 500 Young Women In Delhi Deserves To Be Sung About

Did you know that recently, almost 500 young women in Delhi marched at night to reclaim the streets for women? Here's what you should know!

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