Here’s Wishing The Kind-Hearted Minister Sushma Swaraj A Speedy Recovery

Sushma Swaraj revealed on Twitter recently that she has taken ill with kidney disease and has been admitted to a hospital for dialysis treatment. She is one of the most recognised and admired female faces of contemporary Indian politics.

Sushma Swaraj revealed on Twitter recently that she has taken ill with kidney disease and has been admitted to a hospital for dialysis treatment. She is one of the most recognised and admired female faces of contemporary Indian politics.

Regardless of your political affiliations, there is no denying that our Minister for External Affairs is an approachable human being, who has time and again, gone beyond the call of duty to help people in need. Here is an account of some of the many times she has come to the rescue of people, via social media.

The time she conducted the great Yemen rescue! A rescue operation was conducted in the war torn country of Yemen wherein 4,741 Indians and 1947 foreign nationals from 48 countries were rescued. She personally attended to the plea of a Yemeni woman who was stuck there with her 8 month old baby, born of her marriage with an Indian national.

When a woman was trapped in South Africa, placed under sort of a house arrest and was under threat of physical danger, she was quick in her response. She made sure that the High Commission got in touch with the number provided and reached home safely.

On the basis of a video that was posted, Sushma Swaraj managed to conduct a rescue operation to ensure the safety of 168 Indians trapped in Iraq.

She helped a woman named Deepika Pandey who was to deliver a baby just a week after her husband had passed away from a heart attack by making sure the embassy was in contact with her.

Sushma Swaraj also came to the aid of a man whose brother had been stranded in the Doha airport for two days with no contact with his family.

There have been many instances of her helping out in cases of lost passports and money. A woman named Agratha Dinakaran was in stuck in Berlin having lost her possessions. She went to the embassy the following day and got the relevant documents. In another case temporary travel documents were given to senior citizens who had misplaced their own passports.

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She has been equally spontaneous with helping foreign nationals in the country. 19 Pakistani girls were visiting Chandigarh for participating in the Global Youth Peace Festival when the Uri attacks happened creating high tension in both the countries. When the convener voiced her concerns over Twitter, the minister followed up with the delegation until they reached safely. Another case of a Dutch origin girl gone missing in Rishikesh was also taken up by her and even treatment was provided to the lost national for her injuries.

There are many, many such cases where she has reached out and lent a hand over just one tweet or one request. She even asked one of the beneficiaries to not thank her, that she was just doing her duty.

The public support for her is something she has earned for her spirit of working for the ordinary person. We wish our minister a speedy recovery!

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