Taking potshots at the restrictive gender roles, outdated traditions and sexism that the modern Indian women faces in her everyday life.
“Life Begins At 40”, They Said… But ‘They’ Might Just Be Wrong! Sniff! Sob!!

40s are the new 30s, it is said, and life begins at 40. Really? A satirical take on a personal struggle in the 40s by the author, almost bordering on black humour.

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Nidhi Goyal: Changing Norms One Joke At A Time
Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi Goyal is a disability and gender rights activist and also India’s first disabled woman comedienne. In a conversation with her she takes us on a journey of laughter, smiles and introspection.

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The Curious Case Of The Monsoon Laundry Mishap
laundry mishap

What happens when of your most favourite garment flies away from your clothesline? Read on a cheeky account of a laundry mishap.

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Grocery Shopping At Supermarkets: Are We Going Overboard?

Chuck grocery shopping at supermarkets, and get rid of all the surplus you cannot humanly consume in your home, helping the environment too in the process.

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Keep Calm And Mommy On – A Sparkling Debut Of India’s Parenting Bible! [#BookReview]
Keep Calm and Mommy On

Keep Calm And Mommy On by Dr Tanu Shree Singh is a must read book for parenting in India, that can really help stressed moms and dads.

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When Granny Wanted To Go To Fenus Mall! [#ShortStory]
Fenus mall

"The tension was mounting; the drama slowly unfolding in front of me was clearly more charming than the one in the novel."

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