Taking potshots at the restrictive gender roles, outdated traditions and sexism that the modern Indian women faces in her everyday life.
toddler's world
Hi! I Couldn’t Speak As A Baby, But Now I Want To Tell You What I Thought About My Parents!

Young kids. What must be going on behind those innocent yet mischief filled eyes? What would a toddler's world be like? Here's a personal account. 

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Learning To Go With The Flow As A Woman

A funny look at the sexism of period pain. Periods, for me, meant cramps and pain. But, as my mother said, as a woman I was "supposed to to get used to going with the flow."  

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This Restaurant Perfectly Understands Wifely ‘Duty’ And Hence, Calls Itself ‘The Second Wife’!
Second Wife restaurant

The Second Wife restaurant understands that the wife's duty is to cook. It aims to cook like the wife or maybe, even 'better than her. Hail patriarchy!

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7 Funny GIFs That Tear Apart This Whole ‘Friendzone’ Thing

For the modern age where we just can’t accept a "NO" and being relegated to the friend zone can be the 'worst' thing a woman can do to a man...

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Back Off. Just Leave Me Alone. Period!

Periods. I think we owe ourselves the time and comfort of not being bothered by others when our hormonal swings are murder. Don't you think so?

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A Guide To Have The BEST Valentine’s Day Ever! #SarcasmAlert

V-Day is approaching and this post is for people out there who are struggling for ideas. Worry no more, we've got you covered!

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