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The Undaunted Me [#Poetry]

“The undaunted me will not remain fettered by your patriarchal chains,” says the woman in this evocative poem.

I kicked off
Your decrepit shield of norms
And I lifted my veil
You frowned and fussed
Used your feigned chivalry
To let the fear prevail

I dared to hold a hand
Love, endear and rebel
You condemned, commanded
Abused and butchered
For you wanted me
In silence to dwell

With the power of my pen
I voiced my dissent
You gave me lessons in morality
A string of ‘fatwas’ you sent
Unabated I surged ahead
Without any remorse
For the rules I bent

I vowed to learn
To keep the flame
Of education kindled
You put a gun on my head
There I was
An unwavering soul
Not once I dwindled

I defy your whims and fancies
For I am here
To carve my own path
I will ascend, assert and aspire
Demand and desire
Renounce, love and dream
Don’t you scare me
With the aftermath!

I will dare and dazzle
I will challenge
Rise and roar
The woman in me
Will keep yearning for more!

I shall continue
To walk the unconventional lanes
Wearing my vigour and resolve
You may warn, thwart
Repress and restrain me
Like a phoenix I shall evolve!

I have a Taslima
A Malala and a Gurmehar in me
I will indeed speak my mind
And this is the way
I shall be!

Image source: pixabay

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