When the patriarchial gaze dictates a woman's outfit, her actions or her views and opinions, are the reasons they are attacked. Basically, when they do not toe the line, they are #AskingForIt
“What Did You Do To Provoke Him?”

Possessed by anger, he pushed Asma away and she landed face down. I stopped in my tracks, horrified at what I had just witnessed.

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Yes, She Survived. But None Of The Headlines Were About The Rapists And The Murderers
survival is a shame

In a country where we do not hold rapists and murderers accountable, do not expose the 'why' of their heinous crimes, the mere survival is a shame.

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Beware! If It Is Not Active Consent, It Is Rape!
active consent

Cozying up with your girlfriend but confused if you should go ahead? Look out for active consent where she will make it very clear she wants it!

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Now You Needn’t Worry About Being Decently Dressed With This Sanskaari Clothes Bank!
being decently dressed

Worried about being decently dressed when you go to meet that dignitary? Fret not. The Sanskaari Clothes Bank is here to the rescue!

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I’m A Woman – Unapologetically So! [#Poetry]

So many things that a woman is 'not supposed to do'! It is time we stand up against this tyranny of men! I'm a woman, and unapologetically so!

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Wake Up, People! It Is Time We Accepted Women In Charge Of Their Own Sexuality
women in charge of their sexuality

Women in charge of their sexuality are slut shamed as opposed to men who are lauded for being 'studs'. When will all this end?

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