When the patriarchial gaze dictates a woman's outfit, her actions or her views and opinions, are the reasons they are attacked. Basically, when they do not toe the line, they are #AskingForIt
Putting The ‘Bad’ In Allahabad [#Poetry]

A dip in the holy Ganges is supposed to wash away sins. But whose sins, exactly, is this woman washing away?

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Why Typecast A Woman Because Of What She Wears Or How She Chooses To Live Her Life?

When a woman says NO, she means NO, even if she might seem fair game to those who think she should subscribe to society's idea of propriety to be respected!

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PINK – Yes, We Need Take A Stand Against Abuse To Save Our Boys From Becoming Entitled Brats!

PINK showed that it’s important to take a stand against abuse, irrespective of who you are, what you do, and what the people may say.

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Issues Of Agency, Consent, And Sexual Violation – Still A One Way Street?

It is time the gender inequality that we see in issues of agency and consent, and the objectification of women is questioned, and some essential changes made.

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The New Road Taken [#ShortStory]

"She walked on, head held high, a confident gaze shot back at the piercing, mocking, questioning, lecherous eyes." A hard-hitting short story.

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Is Indian Society Ready To Talk About Child Sexual Abuse Seriously Or Continue To Brush It Away For Social Prestige?

Often, a child who is a victim of child sexual abuse is silenced when not taken seriously by trusted adults, who might prefer to close their eyes for social prestige.

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