Jyoti Chettri

Hi everyone, I am a teacher by profession and a restless being at heart. I am a writer more of conviction, less of vocabulary. My restlessness along with my compulsive desire for learning anything new has always opened up new avenues for me to explore. Besides writing, I love travelling, sketching, photography, making crocheted dolls and music in all forms.

Voice of Jyoti Chettri

On Abortion [#Poetry]

An abortion can be a harrowing experience for a woman, scarring her for ever. A poignant portrayal of a mother's loss, in this short poem.

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Putting The ‘Bad’ In Allahabad [#Poetry]

A dip in the holy Ganges is supposed to wash away sins. But whose sins, exactly, is this woman washing away?

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What Hides Behind Closed Doors: A Prostitute’s Life

Condemned in the daylight, worshipped in the night - a prostitute's life is one of paradoxes. Here's an account of the life of 'the other woman'.

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No Place For The Big, Fat, And F*gly

Beauty is defined rigidly in our world, with little place for those who don't fit. Here's an account of the big, fat, and f*gly, who remain ignored, or worse, ridiculed.

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The Outrage Epidemic : Do You Really Care?

We live in times when expressing outrage loudly and repeatedly - either online or offline - is the only way to show that you care. Do not judge me because I express my concerns differently, says this post.

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