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Professionally, I am a content developer and editor. Other times I'm involved in various activities as a freelance blogger/writer, volunteer in my college's alumni association, career coach, tattoo and skating enthusiast.

Voice of Sonal Kothari

The Under-Rated Female Financial Paradox

A much socially ingrained and biologically inherent societal norm is the tendency for women to put themselves last in virtually all things.

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This New Year’s Eve, I Promise To Let My Heart Be Free Of All Its Fears!

It's natural to be afraid because you've faced pain in the past. But - life's experiences all matter, even the disappointing ones.

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Sapiosexuality: When Intelligence Sparks The Fire And Not Mere Beauty!

No, we did not make that word up. Sapiosexuality is indeed a sexual orientation that has been gaining popularity. Find out more about sapiosexuals here!

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‘Aur Batao, What New Year Plans?’ That Question You Need To Find A Quick Answer To!

A tongue in cheek look at what passes for many friendships - the desperate quest to be and stay cool only gets worse when making New Year plans!

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time stands still
Time Stands Still For This Woman And A Thousand Years Are Nothing!

This song by Christina Perri can be romantic, but also can be interpreted to mean that time stands still for the woman who holds her destiny in her hands.

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Anjali Ameer
Anjali Ameer, A Transgender Model Starring Opposite Mammooty, Is A Step In The Right Direction

Anjali Ameer is a transgender model, who will soon be starring opposite Mammooty. Could we hope that the LGBTQ+ community might slowly be given its due?

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who owns women
It’s Time We Tamed The Unbridled Privilege Of Men Who Think They Own Their Women

Who owns women? Only themselves. Unlike the ownership that is ascribed to men since time immemorial. It's time we realise this and change.

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An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth, And Rape For A Rape!

The eye for an eye principle has led Panchayats to order rape of women for the crimes of their fathers or brothers. How can this possibly be called justice?

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My Story Of Getting My Tattoos That Mark Me As A Woman Who Owns Her Body

Getting a tattoo can be a very personal decision, and can be interpreted as a desire for freedom to own one's body - maybe the reason why it is frowned upon.

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blatant chauvinism
Why Are Husbands Always Right? Why Are Wives Always Wrong Before Their Husbands?

Are men really god's gifts to women as they seem to think they are? When is this blatant chauvinism going to be shattered?

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expected to cover up
Are You A Woman? You’d Better Hide, Or Else Suffer For It!

Why are women expected to cover up, hide their femininity, and do everything only for a man's benefit? What about what they want?

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just because she's a woman
Things That Happen Just Because She’s A Woman. Do We Wait Till It Gets As Bad As This?

A woman is often targeted; everywhere - in personal life, in public, online - everything and everything considered par for the course, just because she's a woman!

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Hawww, Your Lingerie Was Stolen? You Only Have Yourself To Blame!

NEWS HEADLINES: A village in UP suffers the wrath of a lingerie thief this summer. Women blamed for drying their lingerie in the open.

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survival is a shame
Yes, She Survived. But None Of The Headlines Were About The Rapists And The Murderers

In a country where we do not hold rapists and murderers accountable, do not expose the 'why' of their heinous crimes, the mere survival is a shame.

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