Are You A Woman? You’d Better Hide, Or Else Suffer For It!

Why are women expected to cover up, hide their femininity, and do everything only for a man’s benefit? What about what they want?

Why? Why am I expected to be a fertile female but not allowed to disclose or reveal it? Why am I expected to hide my true self and come out as something that I am not?

Don’t blame only men. Women are as guilty.

If you wear anything but a traditional chudidaar and cover yourself in layers of folded fabric never mind the hot climate, you are deemed a characterless slut who is out for promotions on the bed. You’re basically asking for it. Even a tiny hint of the strap on your shoulder creates a furore over your breasts and their existence. Your tops aren’t supposed to reveal what’s beneath them, they are so alarmed by the mere presence of what fed them after birth.

Saris can reveal 6 inches of delicate waist but a faint glimpse of the female abdomen under a shirt will make them cringe as if they have seen something unholy.

Chop off those beautiful tresses that took so long to grow. Shove those pretty dresses and tops deep into your wardrobe to rot. Keep yourself wrapped in a shroud at all times. Own a permanent scowl.

Most of your problems will be solved when you don’t look like a woman.

I wasn’t actually going to talk about anything like this but then why not?

Those women that know what they are and who they want, just can’t be controlled by threats, walks of shame and moral exhortations. When they go ahead and fight for self-worth and voice their dislikes and discomfort, it is taken as a sign of rebellion and this greatly appeals to a certain section of men as well as women (which surprises me).

Those ladies who have dared to walk past the scorning perverts fearlessly are equally harassed by their own sex who come across as screeching owls upon the slightest evidence of femininity that these ladies possess.

So how do you go about it?

You start by shedding all traces of your femininity.

Technically according to a huge population in this world, the body of a female only exists for a man’s needs. And you just cannot reveal anything apart from your face, fingers and toes.

You mustn’t speak before a man, walk before a man or even go about doing your work if its not serving your man. If you do, all your accomplishments make you nothing but base and despicable.

So, it’s up to you.

Do you want to continue doing what others want or do you want to live life on your own terms?

Nobody but you gets to decide that for you.

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Image source: shutterstock

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