Ruchika Mishra

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No More Pity – We Are Mighty!

Women, Femininity, womanliness...the moment we hear these words we look upon them with PITY!

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Is A Dowry The ‘Fortune’ Spent To Get Rid of Daughters? We Are Worthy Of Much More

My sister spoke up when her marriage was being fixed with a groom whose family was asking for a dowry. We need to speak up and be the change we want to see.

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Prince Charming
Is He Your Prince Charming, Or Is He Not? A Handy 11 Point Checklist For Your Help

Beware! Your prince charming may not be as charming on the inside as he is on the outside. Read and find out if yours is a prince or a frog.

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a special child
I Am Not Disabled, But Creatively-Abled!

A special child is someone who can also be creatively abled, but is more than their talent, needing much the same as any other child in their life.

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difficult to homeschool
This Inspiring Story Of A Poor Rural Mother Makes Homeschooling Sound Very Simple

It might be difficult to homeschool if we are not well equipped, but basic education can definitely be imparted in the homes to the children.

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loss of confidence
Ever Experienced That Shedding Of Confidence As Life Hits You Every Time?

Ever felt you do not belong where you are right now? A true story of a descent into a complete loss of confidence.

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active consent
Beware! If It Is Not Active Consent, It Is Rape!

Cozying up with your girlfriend but confused if you should go ahead? Look out for active consent where she will make it very clear she wants it!

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