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'Literature student, freelance writer, dance lover, music buff and on a quest to become a good writer. Foodie, opinionated and stubborn, I love to explore the crazy and funky side of life whenever I can. I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who take risks and embark on adventures on their own. Longing to do the same someday myself

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Aziz Ansari And The Art Of Respectful Communication In Relationships

The recent allegation by a woman of feeling violated by Aziz Ansari's behaviour at a date must lead us to ask: Can we truly be respectful and two-way communicators in relationships?

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Women Stay Silent About Sexual Harassment For A Long Time. Why? I’ll Tell You Why!

Whether women stay silent or speak up about workplace harassment, we risk losing out. Unless we believe women, sexual harassment at work will continue.

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arranged vs love
Arranged vs Love? How About We Let The Partners Decide?

The debate about arranged vs love in case of marriages does not take into account the wish of those who are getting married. Why don't we do that?

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Women Need Each Other More Than Men Do In This Tough World. And We Need To Accept It

While men too indulge in gossiping or back-biting or office politics, theirs is a dominant gender; ours is not. Women need each other more than men do.

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women in charge of their sexuality
Wake Up, People! It Is Time We Accepted Women In Charge Of Their Own Sexuality

Women in charge of their sexuality are slut shamed as opposed to men who are lauded for being 'studs'. When will all this end?

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