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But Society Will Shame You, Not Him!

I would put in my papers eventually, I had no intention of working in this inferno of misogyny. But not until I was served with an apology.

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People Say I Have A Perfect Life… But Maybe Because I Had Simply ‘Adjusted’? No More!

If my mother-in-law had her way, I would be taking leaves every second day. There is always something on the almanac that needed to be celebrated. 

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It Wasn’t Her Home Anymore, And It Was Now Time To Go…

The last two words stung her ears like a sharp knife. Yes, that was the reality and she knew it quite well. She had moved on. Yet it was hurting. This was what Mamoni had advised her years ago.

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She Was Gone, But Had Left A New Direction For Hope After Her…

The congratulatory messages kept pouring in as did the constant comparison between Disha, the accomplished all-rounder, and Sneha, the plain Jane elder sister who was, well, somehow trying to complete her basic studies!

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As Days Went By She Realized That There Was A Part Of Him She Could Never Reach…

He was a generous man but she hardly knew much about the investments or their financial health. A couple of times, she had asked him and he had been vague. Now when she thought about it...

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And Then She Understood All That Her Mother Had Left Unsaid!

Alone in the apartment the whole day, Riya used to feel claustrophobic. She could not imagine anyone living in with just one bunk to call one’s own. She thought about the clean air and the verdant hills of Siliguri.

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