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They Honour Me As Krishna’s Mother, But Will Anyone Weep For Yashoda’s Lament?

People will know me as the epitome of motherly affection and virtue. But they will never come to know of the searing pain that afflicts my life in these autumn years of my life.

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You Waited To Be Born Until That Monster I Married Had Died…

Oh, but it is true, child. For most women, the waiting comes from their earliest years. Waiting to be asked to choose, waiting to be heard, waiting to be loved, to be appreciated. 

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Because I Had No Choice But To Wait Until My Tormentor Had So Much More To Lose…

He cornered me on my way to the bathroom, singled me out in class, called me out of the classroom on silly pretexts...then started the harassment.

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And The Night Was Fragrant With The Sweet Smell Of Liberty

She is a harbinger of ill luck, they scorned, as Anadi Babu’s dead body was brought in from the police station. A hit-and-run case.

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As She Savoured Her First Day As A Free Woman After The Divorce…

Aaradhna walked into the kitchen. All these years, she made filter coffee on an auto pilot mode, because he liked it. She was more of a tea person; rather a ginger tea person.

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What It Is To Be A Woman In This Godforsaken Part Of The World

But then, if she had been a girl all the time, she would have never known the other side of life. How different it is, to be a man in our part of the world.

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