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Chandrika R krishnan

Chandrika R Krishnan, a Bengaluru-based writer and educationist likes all things beginning with a ‘T’ - talking, teaching, tales and tea. Her 300-odd published articles, poems and stories are eclectic and mostly experiential and are published both in print and online media. She is a published author with her maiden collection of flash fiction titled- Vignettes- A slice of life. Her work features in many anthologies too. https://www.amazon.in/VIGNETTES-Slice-Chandrika-R-Krishnan-ebook/dp/B08X3T3C1S

Voice of Chandrika R krishnan

40y.o Ranbir Says He’s ‘Very Dependent On’ Wife Alia… What Makes Indian Men Such Manbabies?

So many women share among their peers that "I have two young children and one big one!" Don't most of them say it with a decided note of pride in their voice?

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How A Vulnerable Single Mom Was Duped Into A Nightmarish Marriage

Gitanjali was drawn into a relationship with this charming younger man against her better judgement, but soon after marriage came up against his narcissistic, abusive side.

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My Tussle With Marie Kondo To See If My Mountain Of Stuff Sparked Joy… Sigh!

Consulting Ms. Kondo one last time, I asked myself which objects did not spark joy in me. Alas, everything in my house sparked joy: my heaving closet, my tattered books, my chipped teacup.

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Rewriting My Happily Ever After
The Picture Of An Indian Divorce In 7 Spot-On Quotes…

I couldn’t bring myself to hurry through her book. I was like a cow chewing cud, and ruminating and collecting some amazing quotes in the process.

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As Days Went By She Realized That There Was A Part Of Him She Could Never Reach…

He was a generous man but she hardly knew much about the investments or their financial health. A couple of times, she had asked him and he had been vague. Now when she thought about it...

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One Doesn’t Work Only To Earn, So Spare Me The Guilt Trip

Once the wedding was over, the claws were out. Slowly and steadily, they expected her to adjust around the routine of her husband, in-laws and once a mother, came the additional responsibility.

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Prepare Your Sons For Their Marriage Too; It’s Not Just Their Wives’ Job!

Women are the only ones expected to 'adjust' and carry the entire burden of a marriage. No wonder many girls shy away from marriage or enter marriage as they would a war zone.

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