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Boycott These Irresponsible Indian Serials That Breed More Patriarchy!

With many changes coming around us, with women being more and more involved in the economic growth, it is high time to rethink what need to be shown and be responsible for producing such shows.

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A New Anti-Feminist Rap On MTV Hustle Takes Internalised Misogyny To Another Level

On MTV's newest venture, MTV Hustle a female rapper bashed feminism in her song. It's 2019, do we still need to defend feminism?

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Shweta Tiwari’s Daughter Palak Speaks Of The (Usually Ignored & Hidden) Verbal Abuse By Stepdad
Palak Tiwari

Domestic abuse is not always physical or sexual, it is also psychological and verbal. Palak Tiwari's Instagram post goes on to show that.

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“I Want To Be Treated The Same And Equal As Any Other Person”: Shanthi

Shanthi, a transgender rights activist reminds us that transgendered people do not need our pity - only our recognition that they deserve the same opportunities as everybody else.

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Who Made These Patriarchal Rules Against Women’s Choices, And Why Should I Follow Them?

‌'Patriarchy' is not just a word; it's a feeling that haunts most modern women all around the world, even more, when they are living in a society that has each and every traditions and social customs based on patriarchal norms.

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It’s 2019, But Most Indians Remain The Educated Illiterate, With 19th Century Mindsets!
educated illiterate

Education is getting better, but our minds still remain illiterate; look at the number of highly educated young men looking for a sanskaari bride who will 'take care' of everything.

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