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daughters speech
‘I Don’t Want To Grow Up…’ The Daughter’s Speech That Made Everyone Cry

The teacher had tears when 6-yr-old Jia said, "When I grow up, I will also sweat like my mom and still hear complaints. So, I don't want to grow up."

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Where Is MY Home, Where I Can Live According To My Rules?

“Don’t stop me now. I have finally found my home. And it is near your house. You can come and meet me any time you like and I can visit you anytime you want."

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Every Day We Have Cases Of Indian Parents Controlling Daughters’ Lives, Like This Recent One

A woman has the right to make her life decisions and the recent Gujarat High Court decision affirms the fact which parents and society at large have never wanted to accept.

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Trolls Get Nasty At Mandira Bedi Not Fitting Into Their Ideas Of ‘Adarsh Bhartiya Naari’
Mandira Bedi

Trolls descended on the grieving Mandira since she didn't wear the traditional garb of a grieving widow, and she also did her late husband's last rites herself.

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Pull Up Your Sons; We’ve Had One Vismaya Too Many Killed For Your Entitlement
Vismaya murder

Let's hold accountable the husbands and in-laws who callously murder women when dissatisfied with the dowry, and parents who raise daughters to be 'good wives and daughters in law'.

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Sacrificing For Children Is The Best Route To Becoming A Possessive MIL!

Women, let's refuse the crumbs of power that patriarchy throws at us to keep us chained, and find our identity and power within.

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