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Kaala Is An Important Movie: It Makes Us Rethink What Our Feminism Is

Kaala will always make the news because of Rajinikanth's presence, but there is more to it than that. Here's a look at its women, and how they question both caste and gender oppression.

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When I Realised That I Didn’t Have To Do A Kareena After Becoming A Mom!

Celebrate your body as a mother – pregnancy changes it in various ways, and that’s OK. Just don’t let the shamers get you; focus on keeping yourself fit!  Suck the stomach in. (Can’t breathe!) Let go of scrunched stomach. (Now it’s all out there!) Welcome to my daily routine. Every morning, my mood for at […]

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Veere Di Wedding: Same Old Privileged Brat Woman As ‘Women Empowerment’?

Is Veere Di Wedding really about empowered women or just a very narrow slice of what single women in this country supposedly, want? 

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No, Living With In-Laws Is Not The Law. And I Am Not A Criminal If I Breach It!
living with in-laws

Living with in-laws after marriage is considered the default for most Indian women. But is this always out of choice or is it the only option for them? Are they considered evil if they refuse?

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The Case Of Anamika Majumdar: Why Are So Many Good Women Made To Feel Not Good Enough In Marriage?
Anamika Majumdar

KBC crorepati Anamika Majumdar might be a winner, but her husband clearly considered her a 'not good enough wife'.

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Be A Virgin Until Marriage, But A Whore Thereafter
force himself on his wife

What gives a married man the right to force himself on his wife? Is she a slave? Has he bought her? Does he own her? How is it any less than any other form of physical assault? How is it NOT criminal?

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