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I’m A Wife & Mom But YES I Want My Share In The Last Piece Of Cake!

Being a 'sacrificial lamb' will not increase your self-worth. Claim your rightful place in your family as an equal member, and don't let them take you for granted. 

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Why This 1961 Story Of A Single Woman Judged By Society Is Still Relevant After 50 Yrs
Fifty Five Pillars Red Walls

With a single woman protagonist, a hostel warden whose life is dissected by everyone as an 'oddity', Fifty Five Pillars Red Walls remains very relevant even after 50 years.

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The Wedding Night

But the aftermath was lethal as expected. Word spread like fire. Phones were ringing off the hooks, not in the Sinha household, but in the homes of the first cousins and close friends.

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Dear Mom, It’s Me. Writing This Coz I Do Not Want To Become You

I love you as you are; I can’t stop even if I wanted to. You are as much a part of me as I am of you. But there is only so much that I can do in the face of your constant rejection.

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6 Reasons Entitlement Like In The Great Indian Kitchen Is Real Even NOW, Not ‘Happened Earlier’

One comment by my city-bred woke peers was - "The kind of family shown in the movie doesn’t exist in today’s time!" Here's demolishing this belief.

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I Rose Above My Mother’s Dislike For Me As The 2nd Daughter, Instead Of The Boy She Wanted
second girl

I was the second girl child unloved by my mother, who hated me for not being a boy. I decided to not let it define my life, and broke the chain of trauma!

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