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Why Are Women Still Forbidden From Eating & Called Names For Their Appetites By In-Laws?

On the one hand, our families almost force-feed their sons-in-law and on the other, forbid DILs from eating. Some women share their stories. 

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It Is NOT A Compliment To Call A Woman A Superhero But An Excuse To Dump More Work On Them!

We are conditioned to glorify women for multitasking. This glorification only puts pressure on them to be the 'perfect woman.'

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I Was ‘Rejected’ In The Great Indian Marriage Market With This Insulting Explanation

I agreed to go the route of an arranged marriage, but I was in for a shock when his educated family based my integrity and worth on something really shallow. 

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It Was As If Marriage Changed Me From Dad’s Princess To The In-Laws’ Personal Maid

Tiny things like having a son/ daughter/ wife of option in offical forms is moulding mindsets to consider a man the most important.

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An Invisible Epidemic Of Obstetric Violence Is Stripping Indian Women Of Their Dignity In Childbirth
obstetric violence

Obstetric violence, both physical and verbal, is taken for granted in Indian hospitals, but is an assault on human rights & dignity.

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My Loss, My Way Of Handling: Divya Agarwal Hits Back At Trolls Saying ‘Not Showing Proper Grief’
Divya Agarwal

Grief is a very personal thing, and no one has any business telling you how you handle it. And it is not just the trolls, but every one of us who should get that.

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