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Vijeta Harishankar

I'm a stock trader by profession. A yoga enthusiast and a qualified Yoga therapist. Writing is a passion that I indulge in my leisure time

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A Zara Hatke Review Of Pagglait With Some *Life* Lessons For You!

After watching Sanya Malhotra's Pagglait, I realised that it had lessons too! So here is a zara hatke life lesson filled review for you!

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Blink… And There Goes One Academic Year Of My Pre-Schooler; Lost To The Pandemic

A young mother of a preschooler laments the passing of an academic year, lost to the online education of the pandemic times, though her daughter seems to have adapted.

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Just Once, Try Giving The Toxic Relatives A Dose Of Their Own Medicine!

I am sure we all have toxic annoying relatives who hate you for no reason. How does one really deal with them?

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ladies toilets
Why Are Clean Ladies Toilets The Last Priority Of Indian Workplaces?

With more women joining the workforce and with so many start-ups, clean, hygienic ladies toilets are now a necessity - when will we wake up?

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From The Diary Of A Travel Enthusiast

I'm a true patriot but when it comes to travelling in and around India I don't think twice before venturing out. Here are the reasons why.

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pawri ho rahi hai
‘Yeh Humari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai!’ Proves That Memes & Love Don’t See Borders!

Crossing borders and languages, 'Pawri ho rahi hai' has managed to win everyone's hearts. Isn't that the kind of love and joy we want?

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Was Her Early Dementia A Defence Against Painful Memories Of Domestic Violence?

That was the day when I got to know that Ma was a postgraduate. A brilliant student who was married off immediately after completing her education.

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Making Kheer In A Sari Is The First Proof Of Being A Good Bahu?

While the bahu always needs to prove her worth, a son-in-law is treated as the centre of the universe. One wonders if our society is going to move on anytime soon!

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The Witness

She was a medium built middle-aged woman, probably in her late fifties. Those under eye dark circles spoke loudly of her sleepless nights.

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what if Ashwin and Ratna had married
What If Ashwin And Ratna Had Married In SIR? Would It Have Worked?

If we look at the film SIR as a love story, would a marriage between Ashwin and Ratna have actually made them equals as a marriage should?

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After Tolerating A Sexist Colleague For A Long Time, I Finally Decided To Roar

"Do you know what a woman wants? She wants you to treat her like a human. And stop using cusswords that demean her!" I finally roared!

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You’ve Always Been Favoured Brother; But All’s Fair In Love So Now It Will Be War!

I started meeting her regularly on the pretext of group studies or casual hangouts. My parents didn't object and could never suspect anything brewing between us.

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Diwali Is Only A Happy Diwali When Everyone Enjoys It!

When everyone chipped in to make the Diwali party a grand success, why were Shambhu and his wife the only ones not enjoying it?

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Dear Child…A Lonely Mother’s Unsent Mail During This Pandemic

Everyone envisions a sound, healthy and independent retired life, but this unprecedented pandemic is very hard on the elderly. 

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When Sanchi Went From A Headless Chicken To Maa Durga

Off-late, I find myself running like a headless chicken all around the house. I find myself being taken for granted. Don't I deserve a break?

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When Will Indians Be Free Of This Toxic Work Culture?

A toxic work environment not only affects your mental peace but can also greatly impact your physical health and family relationships.

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Planning to Give Nursery a Skip This Year But Worried About Your Child’s Development?

While parents begin to consider home-schooling for little ones, many are confused about how to guide their child. What activities could be fun and educational at the same time?

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Petrichor Makes Me Kaamchor!

Petrichor - a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather is not just a smell it's a feeling of comfort and joy.

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When My Daughter Was Surprised To Realise That I Too Had Friends!

College days shape our lives like no other. At the cusp of adulthood , when the possibilities are endless, friendships we make then, tag on forever. 

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Let’s Learn Some Love And Kindness From Our Kids

An act of Love and Kindness is always cherished, and no one better than our little ones can understand this. 

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Society still harbours discriminatory and sexist notions that can threaten the existence of those we hold near and dear to us. Is there a way out? 

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The Known Stranger

A short story about unconditional help towards a known stranger. Helping people without any conditions has more value.

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The Mango Tree

"Well! you wanted a gift? I Am gifting you a memory." She gave him an amused look.

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Amma, Here’s your driving licence!

Motherhood comes with its many trials and tribulations. Yet, there are some heart-warming moments that one remembers for a lifetime.

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Messiah Comes! Just Don’t Lose Hope

You too will meet your Messiah soon. He will help you come out victorious . Till then just keep hanging in there and don't  lose faith.

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Do Your Little Bit Towards The Environment And Start Using Mud Vessels For Cooking

Since ancient times, mud vessels are used for cooking and are one of the healthiest ways to cook. Here's why you can use them and how to take care of them.

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