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The Story Of Two Protests In The Wake Of Sabarimala: A Few Questions

Kerala has been witnessing a great deal of political turmoil in the wake of the protests against Supreme Court verdict on women entry at Sabarimala. It has exposed the deeply ingrained patriarchy that rules the social discourse in Kerala famed for its acceptance of values of modernity.

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We Glorify A Patriarchal Manusmriti But Ignore Ancient Texts About Growing Old & Dying Gracefully

India has a rich tradition of talking about and dealing with growing old and death, but we do not think of these, while perpetuating patriarchy that discriminates against half the population.

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Kerala’s ‘Good’ Women Protesting The SC Sabarimala Verdict Furthers Divisive Politics & Misogyny

Women from Kerala are protesting the Sabarimala verdict, their presence often validated by male family members, furthering women's exclusion and perpetuating the 'kulasthree' stereotype.

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Misogyny & Malayalam Cinema: Why The Women In Cinema Collective Is Striking Fear

The subtle and direct attacks on the Women in Cinema Collective only show how the patriarchy of the Malayalam film world is running scared - of women's resistance.

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When Feminism Is Used To Sell Movies On ‘Women’s Issues’ But Have Men Front And Centre

Feminism has become almost a selling point for some current movies , but aren't these either riding on male actors, or turning feminism into a 'commodity'?

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As 2017 Draws To A Close, Let’s See Why The #MeToo Campaign Matters So Much

When women say #MeToo, it is personal, but it has also helped to build solidarity that is essential for any collective movement or change to happen.

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activism by women
The Importance Of Hashtag Activism And Speaking Up By Women In The Indian Context

Activism by women in India has an essential place in empowering the lot of women not just among the educated, but also at the grassroots level.

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