I am a mother of a baby boy, a management graduate and a multi-faceted professional mom making home a sweeter place to live in.

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I Gave Him A Thousand Second Chances Because I Loved Him So Much!

'Second chance? I can give him a thousand chances, for I know that deep down he loves me a lot. And I love him just as much,' I told her.

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She Was The Blessed One While I Lost It All…

"Aahna is just a duty, she calls me choti maa. You are the love of my life and are always hovering on my mind. My eyes are always on you and my heart beats for you."

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Maa Ka Dil: When My Son Gave Birth To The Irrational Mom In Me

A hilarious look at some of the biggest worries mothers can go through, even though their fears may be unfounded, illogical - how does that mean they aren't real? 

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Do Parents Have No Role In The Natural Learning Of Kids?

So my advice to all the parents is that don’t force your kids. Don’t push them. Don’t beat them with a blackmailing stick.. But just don’t keep waiting for the right age and the divine time.

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detached parenting
I Have Expectations From My Son, Am I Wrong To Expect?

Detached parenting is the new age parenting where parents have no expectations from the kids. Is it the right way to parent? Or are some expectations healthy?

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budhape ki lathi
Yes, I Hope To Nurture A Strong ‘Budhape Ki Lathi’ For Myself

I hope the relationship between my son and myself will be strong enough to sustain me emotionally in my old age, but also to give him a strong anchor in his life.

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We’ve Begun To Tell Our Simrans “Jaa Ji Le Apni Zindagi”, But What About Raj?

While empowering our daughters is good, even critical, what about our sons? If gender equal generations are to be future citizens, this is necessary.

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Sundays = Fun-day For Many, But Not For A New Mom!

Sundays are meant for relaxing, for sleeping in and for chilling. But what happens when you have a baby? Are Sundays still as fun?

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Dear You, Thank You For Your Lessons – With Love, A Maths Lover

Have you ever had an unwritten thought? An unwritten poem? Or even an unsent letter to the ONE? Here's one such unsent letter to a special someone 

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For My Daughter’s Sake…The Buried Letters That Defined The Destiny Of Two Women

An educated mother struggles to keep her daughter protected from the evils of a patriarchal society. What happens when her daughter chances upon the truth one day?

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How To Stop Breastfeeding Your Child: Learnings From My Roller-Coaster Journey

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey; an emotional and stressful one at the same time. Motherhood is full of ironies and the biggest one is related to breastfeeding: initially babies don’t wish to latch on and breastfeed and when they finally start feeding, it seems like it's time to wean off!

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Are You Also A Pyjama Mommy? Go Slay The World!

Whether it's that line of kohl that makes you feel like a million bucks, or your most loved pyjamas, do what makes you feel good about yourself. Take a minute to admire yourself - and head out to slay the world!

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Confessions Of A Cruel Mom Who Didn’t Instantly ‘Connect’ To Her Child

While motherhood is always depicted as an instant bond between mother and child, some mothers find the early days more complex and difficult. Here's a very honest story. 

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The Day I Found Love !

A cute story of love which would keep you wondering till the end. Read on !

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Is Swiggy Really Your Amma And Uber Your Appa?

A recent message ‘Swiggy is my Amma and Uber is my Appa’ is doing the rounds on social media and whatsapp. The message criticises these new age apps for spoiling kids.

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And The Hubby & I Took On The ‘Humble’ Phulka When My Cook Fell Sick!

As newlyweds with no idea how to cook, Supriti recounts a very honest account of how she and her husband captured the kitchen when left to their own devices.

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Waiting For Your Husband To Help You? Then You Certainly Need To Read This

What is it with men that it never occurs to many of them to take responsibility for any housework, or even think about helping out, on their own? 

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Aunt Flo
What Happened This Week When ‘Aunt Flo’ Refused To Visit Me

A delayed period. What could it be? Is something wrong? What is with us that we both want AND don't want our periods? A hilarious personal account.

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Falling Prey To Societal Pressure And Losing Your Identity? True Empowerment For Women Is…

Whether it's wearing shorts or creating a nuclear family, true empowerment for women is about making your own choices.

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Sabyasachi, I Don’t Know How To Wear A Saree But I’m Neither Proud Nor Ashamed

Sabyasachi Mukherjee, saree shaming will not cause more women to embrace culture - there is nothing to be ashamed of for not knowing how to drape a saree.

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Gave Her Son Away
Why She Gave Her Son Away [#ShortStory]

Soon Anjali gave birth to two girls and one boy. Just as she slipped into a blessed, healing sleep, she heard: “Thank god, ek beta hai. Teen ladkiyan kaise palti yeh bechari!”

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lazy mom
5 Lazy Mom Hacks That Helped Me Be A Smart Mom, And Saved My Sanity

A mom is supposed to be a multitasking tornado, but you need to be a lazy mom for your own sanity at times. Here are 5 hacks that will help you out.

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SAHM or working mom
You’re A Mom. How Do You Decide If You Want To Be An SAHM Or Working Mom?

How do you choose between being an SAHM or working mom? Simple. You do what you really, really, really want to do!

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My Soul Wants Me To Be A SAHM; Why Don’t You Respect My Work Too?

Can a mother choose to stay home and still be respected for her work? Even without a fat paycheque?

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The Truth About Aisha [#ShortStory]

Whatever Payal knew of Aisha, was through her Instagram pictures and snapchat stories. Every other day she would find a new upload, in a new place and with new people.

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Not Just Men But Women Too Help To Establish Patriarchy

Men do support patriarchy - why wouldn't they? But it is the women who keep the wheels of patriarchy oiled and turning to perfect time!

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My Answer When He Said, “Why March With Men When Girls Always Find Excuses To Escape?”

Women often have a heavy double burden to bear. The support of men and society at large should come naturally - it is not something we need to beg for.

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being independent women
Let’s Be Independent But Not Lonely. Let Us Not Give In To The Pressure To Do It All Alone

In working towards being independent women, are we instead becoming lonely, bearing the burden of too many expectations without being fair to ourselves?

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an involved dad
Ever Expressed Your Love For Dad?

An involved dad can evoke the same deep feelings in a child that a mother can. Why, then, do we not express love for a Dad as much as we do for a mother?

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live for yourself
Live For Yourself Too, Ladies, Instead Of Just Living For Your Loved Ones

Do not forget to live for yourself, ladies - after all, you are just as important as the family and friends that you live for everyday, taking care of them.

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on getting married
When Getting Married Meant That I Had No Right Anymore To Freely Visit The Home I Grew Up In!

What changes on getting married that a woman loses her autonomy and her right to the natal home, unless she is ready to lose her marital home?

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a married woman
A Married Woman And Taken For Granted By Your Family? So What’s New?

A married woman is always in a fix. Right from the day of her marriage, she has to make a choice, and whichever way she chooses, she is left in a pool of guilt.

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Dear MIL, I Am Your Bahu But That Does Not Mean You Can Dictate Things In My Married Life!

Respect is a two way street. Yes, I am your bahu, but if I am not given respect as an individual, how do you expect me to respect you?

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Yes, I Am 30 And Single, But I’d Rather Reach For My Dreams Than Be Respectably ‘Married Off’

Today's young woman prefers to be 30 and single. She prefers to reach for her dreams, rather than be 'married off' when she is 'old enough'.

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I’m Not A Good Cook And I Don’t Cook If I Can Help It. But I’m Still A Wonderful Mom!

Why should a mother be a good cook to be a good mom? And why are fathers exempt from this measure of good parenthood?

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