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Ever Expressed Your Love For Dad?

Posted: June 18, 2017

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

An involved dad can evoke the same deep feelings in a child that a mother can. Why, then, do we not express love for a Dad as much as we do for a mother?

Come Mother’s Day and the market is flooded with gifts, deals, discounts and messages. Not just the market, even social media platform is flooded with emotional messages full of maa ki mamta and pyar, almost a month before the Mother’s Day.

But do we really see that enthusiasm for Father’s Day? I have known a lot of people who realise that it’s Father’s Day when they open the newspaper to read in the morning. And if not that, then at least someone in the friend circle would have posted a decade old, vintage photo with dad on social media, expressing his love on Father’s Day.

Ever pondered over such discrimination? Why are children so enthusiastic about Mother’s Day and not Father’s Day? Why do they take the initiative to cook breakfast for Mother’s Day but skip it on Father’s Day? And why do they plan all sorts of surprises for a Mother’s Day but not so on Father’s Day? They definitely love both Mom and Dad equally but they are more expressive towards mothers.

One of the biggest reason is the involvement in upbringing. The world portrays that it is a mother’s job to raise her child. A dad just acts as a financier and sometimes not even that. According to me a dad is not just a financier. He is not just the one who takes you out on a drive or the one who gets you toys and chocolates when he gets back from work. There is much more to a dad and my father has been the perfect role model for that.

He has been a perfect example of the fact that nobody can take a mother’s place but someone can definitely create as exclusive a niche as her’s and that can only be a DAD. Yes, dad would rarely cook but when he does, he does it with all his intent and soul to make the tastiest curry in the world. However tired he must be after office, he never forgets to ask about our day and share his own with us. Those ‘Chai & Doodh pe Charcha’ after his office used to be the most enlightening sessions for me and my sister, for we learnt how a particular situation could have been handled better. We learnt how to look at the world from a bird’s eye and manage them all like a leader. He always remembered about our assignments. He always knew our weaknesses and never ever ignored them or asked us to move on. Rather he focused on them till the time they turned into our strengths.

He was the one who would run to the stationery shop at 11 in night to get us new pencils, when we fell short of them a night before exam. He was the one who woke us in the morning and made us ready for school, while our mother cooked and packed lunch for us.  He was the one who told us that last minute revisions just panic you. He carried our bags to the bus stops and calmed us down through the way for the exam anxiety.

He was the one who would scold us often, but the very next moment calm us down to make us realise our mistakes. Whenever we fell ill, he was the one who asked our mother to take rest after the hectic day and took good care of us through the night. He has been as involved in bringing us up as our mother. He is our one stop destination for all our worries and troubles.

Today when our lives are becoming more and more fast-paced and a lot of options being available for outsourcing the upbringing of your child, it is important to spend quality time with your child. Even if it is for 20 minutes a day, make it memorable. Don’t just make your child smile with materialistic worldly things, make them contented, cheerful and radiant with your experiences. Make it so memorable for the child that they cannot forget it. Sharing emotions and feelings brings your child much closer to you than anything else. Spend time with them and open the doors of your heart for them. Listen to whatever they have to say. Appreciate them for their little achievements and encourage them further.

This is for each and every father who loves his children from the core of his heart but rarely or never express it to them. This Father’s Day express yourself and you will see a whole new world.

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Image source: pixabay

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