Looking For A Perfect Father’s Day Gift? I Bet Your Dad Loves One Of These 11 Ideas

Father's day is just a few days away and if you are in desperate need for a Father's Day gift for the main man in your life, have a look!

Father’s day is just a few days away and if you are in desperate need for a Father’s Day gift for the main man in your life, have a look!

It’s always our dads who are doing things for us and never asking for anything in return. This Father’s Day, express your love for them and make them feel as special as they are in your life. Let’s move on from the generic Father’s Day gift ideas and present him with something that makes him feel appreciated or something that has a utility to him or something that he has always wanted to do.

Here are some special Father’s Day gift ideas – for dad from his daughter!

Small getaway

Plan a getaway to a place which holds special meaning for him. Maybe his hometown, or a place from his childhood. Hiking or going for a sport that he loves would be a great experience! Just the father and the daughter spending some quality time.

Movie marathon

Hold a movie marathon all day of the movies you both love. Perhaps a new one that you both are keen on watching. Even better if he is a movie buff.

For foodie dad

Father-daughter cooking sessions are a hoot if he loves to cook or if he is a foodie. Spend time in the kitchen together, whipping up dishes you both love. The result would be endless memories and delicious food! If you are still a kid, make him a card and a sandwich with your mom, with all his favourite ingredients and just pamper him.

Daddy’s Day Out

Plan a day out for the both of you. Shopping, movie, a drive or a lunch date with him. Take him out for fun like he did/does. Even Karaoke if he loves it! Book a karaoke room and spend the evening singing your favourite numbers.

For gadget geek dad

If he is a gadget enthusiast, check out Amazon’s Dad and Tech offer, which has some exciting products like these barely-there Sennheiser headphones or this Amazon Fire TV stick that lets you stream movies and music seamlessly to your TV.

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For hoarder dad

In case your dad likes trinkets and collectable things, check out Amazon’s Special Collection for father’s day which ranges from ‘cute’ like this I love Dad elephant print cushion or trendy like this Real men don’t use recipes apron.

Gift cards are always a hit

If you would like him to choose a gift for himself and if you are (unfortunately) busy and will not be able to see him, why not send him a gift card and let him choose his own gift? Nothing is better than the feeling of buying something for your parents, something they will truly enjoy!

For reader dad

If he loves reading then a subscription to a magazine would be a great idea. You both could go and visit bookstores too, introduce each other to new genres. If nothing, just sit with a cup of tea/coffee and read to him his favourite book. Or listen to him read something to you, surrounded by peace.

For arty dad

Does he like to paint or did your mom once say that he painted earlier in his life? Buy him a new art kit with paints, brushes, paper and all the paraphernalia or something elegant like this charcoal painting kit? Spend a day making tangible memories by hand. You could even gift him a subscription to art classes which you both can attend together.

Recreate childhood memories

Have you had a chance to see some interesting pictures of his childhood or yours? There must be some moments he cherishes, why not remake childhood photos and have a whole lot of fun in the process?

DIY never goes out of style

When was the last time you made something with your hands for him? Look up old pictures and DIY photo frame videos on youtube, and conjure up a personalised frame for him with a collage of the best moments. If you are more handsy with your tech, make him a video message with his favourite songs and old photos and videos. Then see him light up with happiness, cherishing old memories while making new ones!

If none of these things seems to work for you, just spend a day with him. Listen to his anecdotes, ask him questions, crack jokes, laze around the house and just let him know how thankful you are for him.

Don’t get tensed with any pressure around finding the perfect Father’s Day gift. At the end of the day, remember that it’s the thought that counts and your dad will appreciate anything that you do genuinely for him, with all your heart.


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