Strong Dads Raise Strong Daughters #WomenOnTheMove

A strong dad is the biggest influencer in a young girl's life; because only strong dads can raise strong and confidant daughters. #WomenOnTheMove

A strong dad is the biggest influencer in a young girl’s life; because only strong dads can raise strong and confidant daughters. #WomenOnTheMove

“I love my father. He once told someone ‘Please look at my daughter. Do you think I’ve raised her in a way that her only identity is to be someone’s wife?'” — Sushmita Sen

Each parent plays a unique role in their child’s life. They bring in their own set of values and understanding of the world into the life of their child.

It is often said that fathers play an important role in their sons lives. That said, the profound role daddies play in their daughters lives cannot be left unsaid. Daddies boost their daughters self-esteem, self-image, confidence and shape their opinions about men.


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A positive father-daughter relationship can determine whether or not our daughters develop into a strong, confident women. Wondering why? Because some lessons are best taught by daddies.

Leading by example

Showing how to be assertive

Being there when they need daddy the most

Infact daddy’s should get involved in their daughters lives from the very beginning

Boosting their confidence & inducing positive self-image

Lastly, a father is his daughter’s pillar of strength. He is her mentor, guide, friend and first love.

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