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I think of myself as a feminist development practitioner with a strong interest in issues related to gender and education. I enjoy writing about my interests, a happy step forward from the angst laden poetry of my teenage years.

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Meet Ericka, Esmeralda and Their Robotic Arm [Video]

Erika and Esmeralda two young girls from a province in Bolivia, made news for winning a Science Olympiad in robotics for their hydraulic arm

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Pinjra Tod: Breaking the Sexist Rules of Patriarchy One Institution At A Time

'Pinjra tod' campaign is here questioning the sexist rules of girls hostel. The rules that work perfectly to perpetuate the patriarchal structure of which girls were born.

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Purple Skies: A Documentary About The LGBTQ Community In India [Video]

Purple Skies, a documentary on the LGBT community of India, will be screened on Doordardhan , which is a progressive step despite the Supreme Court's judgement on section 377.

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The Fault In Our Wages, Or Why Deepika Padukone Gets Paid Less Than Akshay Kumar

The wage gap between the male and female actors in Bollywood is obscenely huge. Though they put the same amount of time and efforts.

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Saudi Diplomat Hides Behind Immunity To Avoid Consequences of Abuse of Maids

The Saudi Diplomat finally leaves the country after the incident of abuse of the maids. What does it tell us about our domestic workers?

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Some Men Are Angry At These Women Auto Rickshaw Drivers [Video]

The women auto rickshaw drivers are having a tough time in Chennai, as men regularly harass them by routinely throwing away their keys or threatening of violence.

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Women Who Were Ahead Of Their Time: 5 Early Feminists In India

Here we list 5 early feminists of India; women who fought for equality long before feminism became a buzz word.

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Why Girls Should Carry Condoms [Video]

Girls should always carry condoms. Know why? Sometimes, you just don't plan for sex but it can happen, and as the saying goes, 'Prevention is better than cure.'

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Bollywood, Stalking Is Not Love: It’s A Criminal Act

In Bollywood, stalking is shown as love. But can we get it clear, Shahrukh in Darr or Dhanush in Ranjhanaa were stalking the girls. It's a criminal offense.

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Flipkart’s Sexist Email Reveals Brands Don’t Really Get Empowerment

Flipkart recently sent emails to its users, promoting how beauty will take them further in their workplaces. This very act shows how a woman is judged by standards of beauty.

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In Conversation With The Inimitable Radhika Vaz

A conversation with the inimitable Radhika Vaz, who talks about her stand-up comedy, misogyny she faces, body image, menstruation and much more.

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Daughters Wanted: Delhi Is Adopting More And More Girls

Adoption of girls is going higher and higher in Delhi. In a society where a male child is always preferred, this is a refreshing change.

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What Does Gender Inequality Mean To You? Comic Strips From Students Across The World

These gender inequality comic strips will hit very closer to home. Especially in a country like India, where the gender gap is so huge.

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Kim Kardashian’s Nude Pregnancy Selfie Has Something Very Important To Say

Kim Kardashian's nude pregnancy selfie has something very important to say. She shuts up pragnancy shamers and talks about women's bodies.

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Your Child May Be Sexually Abused Even At Home: Are You Being Vigilant Enough? [Video]

Yes, child sexual abuse can happen at home. Are you talking to your child about it? Are you being vigilant enough?

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Kiran Gandhi Chose To Run A Marathon Without A Tampon: Yes, She Was Menstruating

Kiran Gandhi chose to run a marathon without a tampon, and no she did not menstruate along the way. She decided to run without a tampon.

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The Great Indian Marriageable Age [Video]

The day you step into your twenties you enter the marriageable age, by Indian standards. This poem, talks very hilariously about it.

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BJP And AAP Government Have Something In Common: The Way They See Women

BJP and AAP government have the same outlook towards women. In other cases, they might just be pole apart. These ads show how regressive they are.

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Why Saying “It’s My Choice” Doesn’t Always Make It A Feminist Choice

All choices are not feminist. Many a times, we think that having a choice in deciding something is feminist. The truth is far from this.

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Payel Patel Shows The Way On How To Deal With Street Harassment : Bravo!

Payel Patel a resident of Mumbai deals with street harassment with guts and shows us the way. It's high time we speak up against any form of physical harassment and bring the guilty to the books.

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SC Allows 14 y.o Rape Victim To Abort Pregnancy, Overturning HC Decision

In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court of India allows 14 year rape victim to abort pregnancy overturning High Court's decision.

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The Rent A Womb Industry: Flourishing At What Cost?

The Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill meant to protect the rights of surrogate mothers, has no priority in Parliament. This reflects the general apathy to the rights of such women.

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Facial Hair And Fitting In: Inspiration From Frida Kahlo

Here Australian cartoonist Gavin Aung Than draws inspiration from Frida Kahlo and sets it to a story about a young girl with a unibrow to break stereotypes.

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