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The Great Indian Marriageable Age [Video]

Posted: August 8, 2015

The day you step into your twenties you enter the marriageable age, by Indian standards. This poem talks very hilariously about it. 

Raise your hands if you have been given unsolicited marriage advice at some point in your life. Of course you have. Get married soon. It will be too late if you wait. Once you are married, you can do whatever you want. He is such a nice guy/she is such a nice girl. It is so repetitive that I am surprised no one has come out with a recording similar to the devotional hymns yet. Think of the potential – parents could play it every morning and evening, with the click of a button.

Here’s a way for you to have some fun at the expense of all those tired nuggets of wisdom given by family and friends and strangers. Priyam  Redican uses spoken poetry to deep dive into the world of marriages, caste, salary slips, perfect cups of tea and of course, the universal nice guy. Watch and enjoy:

“The perfect guy came once, riding on a horse, caste certificate in one hand and a two-digit salary slip in the other

I made poha for him and his mother and her brothers and ten thousand inconsequential others”

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