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Your Child May Be Sexually Abused Even At Home: Are You Being Vigilant Enough? [Video]

Posted: August 10, 2015

Yes, child sexual abuse can happen at home. Are you talking to your child about it? Are you being vigilant enough? 

Home is where we are supposed to feel the safest, especially as children. But that is not the case. Child sexual abuse at home by people who are known to the family is not new to India. But for the longest time, we have chosen, individually and collectively, to stay quiet about it using reasons of family and honor. In recent years, there is an effort to raise awareness about sexual abuse of children, especially by predators in or close to the family. The myth that rape or sexual assault is mostly committed by strangers is wrong; usually it someone known to the victim. This brief video shows how a mother learns her daughter may be a victim. It is a reminder to talk to children about appropriate touching, about not forcing them to hug or be in physical contact when they say no (physical boundaries are often more blurred in the case of children) and finally to talk about this. Child sexual abuse takes place across the country. Sometimes the perpetrator can even be a parent. Helping children understand their bodies and removing shame from talking about bodies, touching, and at an appropriate age – sex, can go a long way.


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