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"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass." - Maya Angelou A cinephile, logophile, bibliophile swears by the wisdom of Calvin & Hobbes, Jim Morrison and Maya Angelou.

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3 Pieces Of Relationship Advice For Women That We Need To Drop In The 21st Century

Relationship advice for women is often meant to make us seem unthreatening to men. Here's why such relationship advice can be problematic.

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Meet Takeme Sarkar Who Wants To Win An Olympic Gold In Table Tennis

What drives a young woman towards a career in table tennis? Meet Takeme Sarkar, a rising Table Tennis player who's aiming for an Olympic gold. 

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palliative care for cancer patients
8 Centres That Offer Palliative Care For Cancer Patients In India To Improve Quality Of Life

The very nature of cancer affects quality of life, in terms of pain and debilitation, and also everyday of the person affected and their family. Palliative care for cancer patients focuses on addressing this.

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These Ignorant People Think Women’s Entry Into Sabarimala = Kerala Flood

Support of court and political leaders behind the access of women in Sabarimala temple is held responsible for flood in Kerala by district president Prabhakaran. While hundreds of people have died in the monstrous floods in Kerala, and many thousands more have been displaced, many are busy displaying their ignorance, callousness and patriarchal rubbish. The […]

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Director Vishal Bhardwaj: In Conversation With Women’s Web On The Strong Female Characters In His Films

Vishal Bhardwaj, the celebrated film director, music composer and playback singer, shared some stories from his interesting journey, with creating strong women characters in Indian Cinema.  

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4 Types Of Weird Guys Girls Get In The World Of Dating!

Here are 4 types of weird guys that those of us using dating apps and looking at cute guys hoping for that perfect date end up finding!

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5 Really Funny Moments That Anyone Who’s Ever Lived In A Girls’ Hostel Can Relate To!

Are you wondering what life at a girls hostel is like? It is fun and full of loads of memories! Here are five funny things that inevitably happen in all girls hostels.

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4 Young Women In Rajasthan Cremate Their Father And Set Fire To Tradition

In Rajasthan’s Bundi, four young women cremated their father, and the family was allegedly ostracised for this act. This incident illustrates the extent of son preference in our society. 

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10 Exemplary Women Artists In India You Need To Know About!

Since the post independence period, and especially in the last few decades, women artists in India have been at the forefront of new movements in art, including unusual art installations and performance art. 

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Captain Lakshmi Sehgal
Know Captain Lakshmi Sehgal, Who Stood For President Against Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

Captain Lakhsmi Sehgal, a revolutionary fighter of the INA (Indian National Army), a doctor, and politician, didn’t stop devoting herself to the cause of the country even after India got independence.

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Serena Williams Loses Wimbledon But Is A Winner With This Loving Message For Moms!

How often are new mothers told that they need to de-prioritise their careers, to limit their identity to being only mom? Serena Williams has the inspiring message new mothers need.

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Does Poetry Feed Your Soul? Read These 5 Brilliant Female Poets of South America

Do you know there are a number of brilliant female poets of South America who are worthy of your reading time?

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Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand PM Smashed Parenting Stereotypes And The Internet Loves It!

Jacinda Ardern is THE hero the world needs right now. While on maternity leave herself, she launched a paid paternal leave program for New Zealand.

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These 4 Women In Healthcare Are Creating Totally Innovative Solutions For Us!

Recently, Women’s Web interviewed some very enterprising women in healthcare, looking at new opportunities for the sector in India. Here are their inspiring stories! With the healthcare industry in India growing at a rapid pace, and many new opportunities being thrown up, including in geriatrics and medical tourism, it’s no surprise that women in healthcare too […]

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4 Instagram Yoginis Whose Feed Makes Us Unroll Our Mats This International Yoga Day!

Instagram is not just about pretty food pictures! Here are four amazing Indian women yoginis whose Instagram profile will leave you with a serious case of yoga-love.

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5 Successful Women Share Their Learnings On Running a Small Business!

Recently, Team Women’s Web had the opportunity to interview these amazing women on running a small business. They shared their success mantras for beginners who are grappling with the hurdles.

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Women Writers In Bengali Literature
5 Electrifying Women Writers In Bengali Literature

Women writers in Bengali literature have enriched the literary landscape of India with their Promethean creativity. Here I present my five favourite female authors from Bengal.

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Kudos Shivangi Pathak For Becoming The Youngest Indian Woman To Scale Mount Everest

Sixteen year old Shivangi Pathak from Haryana, becomes the youngest Indian woman to scale Mount Everest. Her story reinstates the belief that women can achieve anything if they set their hearts to it.

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It’s A Girl!

'It's a Girl!' is a short tale ornamented with the form of a conversation conveying a deep social communique.

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