4 Types Of Weird Guys Girls Get In The World Of Dating!

Here are 4 types of weird guys that those of us using dating apps and looking at cute guys hoping for that perfect date end up finding!

Here are 4 types of weird guys that those of us using dating apps and looking at cute guys hoping for that perfect date end up finding!

If you are on Tinder and looking for ‘that great guy’, chances are you are dreaming of a date with a decent guy amidst scented candles, some romantic music, intelligent conversation, scrumptious food and a nice glass of wine. But…there is always a ‘but’, girls! Things may not turn out to be the way you imagine them.

In this era of Tinder, catastrophes at many a restaurant and cafe table are evident. If you have already dated a few guys by meeting them online, I think you have begun to sense who is a promising contender and who is out for a free meal and I am not talking about what you two had for dinner…

Of course, not every woman is necessarily looking for a long-term relationship, but if you are, I’ve rounded up 4 types of weird guys you may find on your next romantic date and whom you should definitely avoid. Otherwise, pain, a box of tissue paper and a tub of ice cream are what you’re in for, you know.

The ‘I-need-to-be-fixed’ Guy

Dating this type of a guy is like a project. He wants to make you feel like he is a diamond in the rough. The man who is standing with you today has withstood hailstorms all his life. After having a cocktail, he will take you down memory lane and tell you about his recent breakup.

The most tragic part is that you can’t flee when he takes out his phone and starts showing you the photos of two of them in their Cloud 9 moments. Well, we’re not against being sympathetic, but you begin to sense that this chap is actually really angling for more and more of it.

He is in need of a motherly-guardian-angel not of a girlfriend. For this hung-up-hunk, you have to be an over-compensator and often make excuses for something or for what someone else had done. You better be equipped with a tool-kit of extreme patience and thousands of motivational quotes!

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‘What’s-there-in-feminism’ Guy

You found this guy decent wherever you’ve met him so you agree to go for dinner. If you are late by five minutes (maybe you had lost your way or you were stuck in a traffic jam), you are greeted as ‘a typical woman’. That’s the first sign that you are on a date with a woman-hating-fella. After every discussion, he will end up by concluding that men are superior; also, he’ll curse so-called ‘pseudo-feminists’.

His despicable comments about women and you will increase as the date goes on leaving you wondering why on earth a man who hates women so much is so keen on making a romantic connection with one!


‘Don’t-challenge-my-IQ’ Guy

His confidence, style, wit, beauty, and charisma cast a spell on you and everyone around. He can speak to you about his success all the evening with an intense ‘I-know-everything’ kind of attitude. Lady! Fasten your seatbelt, as you have to get through the bumps of his demands, criticisms, narcissism, and self-centeredness. On a good date, you desire a conversation with maybe a few awkward minutes of silence charged with a little excitement and sexy feelings in your pants. Well, this guy isn’t the one for you then.

He’s barely going to let you speak and not ask you anything. It’s all about him, him and him. For the entire date, everything you say the dude is there to correct with a chorus of “well actually”. He doubts your potential to bag an internship and concludes that because of your gender you got one.


‘I’m-not-ready-for-commitment’ Guy

He has a history of hook-ups, short relationships and a plan of never getting married. As you have agreed to go on a date, he assumes himself as your ‘The Alpha and Omega’. He thinks you are begging his mercy to accept you as his Mrs. Right. He justifies his commitment phobia by saying he has plenty of time to settle. One of his favourite lines is ‘someday…’

He makes you feel like you’re needy, persistently needy whether emotionally or otherwise! It doesn’t occur to him that not every woman is looking to settle down with him. Be a secure woman who upholds her ‘relationship vitals’ and walk out of the place.


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