5 Really Funny Moments That Anyone Who’s Ever Lived In A Girls’ Hostel Can Relate To!

Are you wondering what life at a girls hostel is like? It is fun and full of loads of memories! Here are five funny things that inevitably happen in all girls hostels.

Are you wondering what life at a girls hostel is like? It is fun and full of loads of memories! Here are five funny things that inevitably happen in all girls hostels.

For new birds, a girls hostel may not provide as much freedom as boys hostel. It is true that you feel frustrated and anxious about the restrictions. Still, what goes on in a girls’ hostel is an out-of-the-world experience, to be remembered for a lifetime! After having spent one year in a girls’ hostel, I have a profound understanding of the activities which occur behind the securely locked gates. Here, the dark and hilarious secrets are about to be unraveled.

The days begin with long queues outside each washroom when bathroom jamming sessions are the only source of entertainment. After attending boring classes all the day, we tend to gossip a lot after college hours. I mean, a lot! There are frank discussions – on periods, masturbation, the human anatomy, pregnancies, pornography, Netflix, Bollywood, bitching about what-a-bitch-that-other-bitch-is and every other topic under the sky is discussed in depth and with interest.

During semester breaks we realize that we spent all day talking to 25 other people in a hostel with six different rooms. One can get ownership of multiple wardrobes of clothes; not just an endless supply of clothes, you always have complimentary scarves with new tops or exotic boots with a leather jacket. Anyone is ready to make your style statement more jaw-dropping. You get a whole panel of fashionistas advising you on what to wear with what and most of the times they will lend a hand to make your winged eyeliner perfect!

Here are five different but epic moments we experience in the hostel that may rejuvenate your girls hostel life memories too!

Cute guy spotted!

Whenever any of us spots a cute guy in college or in a movie or web series, she just wants to reach hostel and introduce him to the others. Then that guy gets post-mortemed through his Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Musically accounts. Sometimes, the identity of ‘that guy’ is discovered through an expedition via the cobwebs of common friends in various departments. One of the girls calls him her crush. After cyber-following him for a few days, she suddenly discovers the guy is dull (actually may be the guy is taken or he just ignored her). The craze gradually disappears until a new guy is found!


Planning birthday surprises!

This is one of the best chapters of girls hostel life. A month before, we start planning for the Day. We deeply introspect on her likes and interests and curate decorations and gifts according to that. We try to make her birthday as the best day of her life. Two months ago, my hostel mates celebrated my 19th birthday which was full of heart-warming surprises. It was indeed one of the best days of my life. It is a different kind of feeling to be loved by so many people who were complete strangers a few months back.

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Cursing the cook everyday

I think this is the most common problem every hosteller faces. Days of tasteless food sometimes drive us so crazy that we wonder how on earth anyone can cook such dishes. This leads us to order food from outside. That’s a brand new story. About 6-7 girls sit together and scan the menu – it takes a minimum of two hours to reach the final list of dishes to be ordered after changing it hundreds of times!


Midnight hunger pangs

A big shout out to the miraculous food product called ‘Maggi’! This is the saviour of lakhs of hostellers in our country. We experiment with a lot of variations in its recipe which is facilitated by an electric kettle. A bowl of perfectly cooked Maggi and a cup of hot coffee are the fuel behind late night assignments, exam preparation and gossip.


Being the outlaws!

When we were new to this hostel, one day I and my roommate were staring at the lists of Do’s and Don’ts included in the hostel rules hanging on the wall. We were thinking how it would feel if we committed one of the sins mentioned in the category of ‘Don’ts’. And when we did, it felt like we literally achieved a victory in life. Entering late in the hostel, receiving the warden’s scolding for playing loud music, secretly smoking cigarettes at night when everyone is asleep, carefully organizing a bottle of Breezer on a birthday, this trail of deeds makes the picture of my hostel life more memorable.


What are your favourite girls hostel stories? Share with me!

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