Sangitha Krishnamurthi is a special educator, blogger and mother of three. Her interests include living a mindful and organic life as much as possible in addition to reading and writing about the reading.

Voice of Sangitha

Why Inclusive Classrooms At School Are Valuable Even For A Neurotypical ‘Normal’ Child!

Inclusive classrooms have a better definition of learning, use customized teaching-learning methods, and provide a true education on what life is and can be.

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losing weight with PCOS
Losing Weight With PCOS Isn’t All: You Need A More Holistic Approach To Dealing With PCOS

Over a period of time, losing weight with PCOS as a target needs to get replaced with overall wellness and fitness as goals.

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child adoption from hospitals
Child Adoption From Hospitals Is Illegal And Unethical, Unlike What Films Would Have Us Believe!

Child adoption from hospitals is illegal in India. Only adoptions facilitated by the Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) are both legal and ethical.

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IPL 2021
If IPL Keeps People Safe At Home, I’m All For It, Says This Mom Of 2 Teens

If IPL can be run without risking health, can provide a pastime in these times and provide employment for all those involved (and it is a huge business, impacting thousands), it should go on.

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why is my hair curly
Why Is My Hair Curly? This Mother Is Asked By Her Daughter

Why is my hair curly? Asks a tween daughter to her mother, because the others in the family don't. Lakshmi Iyer's book Why Is My Hair Curly? addresses this conundrum.

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Why ‘Nadya’ Can Handhold A Child Through A Distressing Parental Separation

Nadya: A Graphic Novel by Debasmita Dasgupta is an excellent first-line-of-help introductory book for kids whose parents may be going through, or have gone through a divorce.

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how to talk to kids about adoption
13 Things You Must NOT Do While Talking To Your Kid About Their Adoption; Be A Sensitive Parent

What should we NOT do while dealing with an adopted child? Here are 13 pointers on how to talk to kids about adoption.

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We are Displaced Malala Yousafzai
What’s The Difference Between Refugee Girls Malala Talks About And Our Kids, Really?

Imagine being a child, a teenager, thrown out of the only home you have ever known, persecuted, and left to the mercies of others. Malala Yousafzai's new book We Are Displaced tells us the real stories of such girls.

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ahimsa book review
Ahimsa By Supriya Kelkar Is A ‘Different’ Book On India’s Freedom Movement That I’d Recommend

Ahimsa looks at the Indian Freedom Movement from the eyes of 10 year old Anjali. What sets this book apart from other books set in the independence movement are the several strands deftly woven into the plot.

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Far From The Tree
Far From The Tree Is A Deftly Woven YA Book That Reads True To Me As An Adoptive Mom

Far From The Tree by Robin Benway is a YA book that can start important conversations on adoption, fiction with children in the adoptive and foster care system at its centre. 

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Autism Awareness Day: How Can We Be More Inclusive Towards These Warriors?

Today, April 2nd, is #AutismAwarenessDay. Here is something about being more inclusive to mull over, as told by a special educator for children with autism.

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Hichki Is A Well Made Movie, But Some Things Could Have Been Better

As an educator who works with the differently abled, I was very excited to see Hichki show a character with different life needs.

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raising an introvert
Quiet Confidence In A Noisy World: 10 Things You Can Do While Raising An Introvert

I am raising an introvert - and parenting one can be really difficult in a world that celebrates extroversion. Here's what I do as a parent.

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homeschooling in India
I Chose The Route Of Homeschooling In India For My Child, And I Do Not Regret It!

The challenges and triumphs of homeschooling in India are many. It needs a level of dedication from at least one parent, but there is so much to be gained!

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How To Teach Kids Empathy For Those With Special Needs? Be An Inclusive Parent/Teacher Yourself

Do you, as a thinking, responsible parent, do your bit towards teaching kids empathy for those with special needs? Being really inclusive yourself is the way forward.

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Give Us This Day, Our Daily Protein: Are Indians Informed About The Required Protein Intake For Women?

We investigate wellness through adequate protein intake for women in India, with special love for the International Day of the Girl Child, 11th October.

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Here Is Why We Think The Recent Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Bill Discriminates Against Adoptive Mothers

The recent Maternity Benefits Bill discriminates against adoptive mothers, completely disregarding the ground realities of any adoption procedure and requirements.

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Dear Daughter: I Want You To Be Safe, Yet Empowered And Free At The Same Time

Teaching a daughter to be safe yet free, we often walk a thin line, balancing between empowerment and practical safety for our kids.

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Sania Mirza’s Autobiography Is An Inspiring Read For All Young People [#BookReview]

Ace Against Odds, Sania Mirza's autobiography chronicles her journey against odds, as an Indian woman athlete who became No. 1 worldwide.

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Raising Sons, Not Rapists. Targeting Brains And Emotions, Not The Genitals

Raising sons goes way beyond teaching them not to rape. It takes looking at the whole human being and prioritizing life skills and empathy.

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Children Misbehaving? Maybe There Is More Meaning To The Madness Than You Might Imagine!

When parents understand the causes behind children's behaviour problems, the overall happiness quotient increases. Read on to find out how.

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Living With PCOS, A Disorder That Can Really Mess Up A Woman’s Life

A few tweaks to your routine is all it takes for living with and managing PCOS. Many women suffer from this - often ignored/ not diagnosed, leading to a lot of grief. 

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Get Yourself Informed On The Updated Laws And New Rules For Adoption In India

Prospective adoptive parents need to prepare themselves and get informed on the new Indian adoption rules and procedures.

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Chanda Kochhar’s Letter To Her Daughter Is Great, But Children Need To Know About Mom’s Work

Is ‘just a mother’ high praise from a child? A contrary view of Chanda Kochhar’s letter to her daughter and parenting through conversations.

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Rujuta Diwekar’s The PCOD Thyroid Book – A Hammer To Break Out Of A Vicious Cycle [Book Review]

Rujuta Diwekar's The PCOD Thyroid Book throws light on a baffling and complex disorder that affects women's lives in very fundamental ways - physical and social.

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Help for Indian women considering adopting a child in India
Adopting A Child In India: 8 Myth You Should Discard & The Reality You Should Know

Adoption is still unfamiliar to most Indian women; here we bust some myths about adopting a child in India.

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