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My Social Media Handle Says That I Am Planning A Social Media Detox!!

Aren’t we still more comfortable sending a friend request and remaining virtual friends rather than picking up the phone and making the conversation?

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It’s Time We Start Talking To Our Sons About Puberty

Enough has been said about how we need to talk to our girls about puberty. But, is it not equally important to talk to our sons too, as they hit puberty? 

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Proud To Say “I Got It From My Maa”

I love you for how you have been constantly by my side during my right and sometimes not so right decisions.

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The Lessons I Learnt From My Daughter

I was always trying to cross the bridge even before I reached it. I realized it was toxic for me because life is not going to be kind always.

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Working Mom or SAHM? It Is Your Choice

The mommy guilt creeps in every time I fail to meet the expectation and I question myself “Is it the right choice I made??”

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My Child’s Imperfections Are Not My Fault; I Plead “Not Guilty!”

Parenting is a shared responsibility then why blame the mother all the time for eveything that the child cannot do? Is it fair?

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Emotional Blackmailing Of Our Kids – Are We Doing It Right?

Parents don't think much of it when we say, you can have ice cream only if you finish your vegetables. What are we really teaching our kids?

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My Plunging Neckline Or My Rising Hemline Is No Yardstick To Measure My ‘Morality’!

Women have a right to wear what they feel comfortable in, and dictating to them what they should wear is a sign of regressive thinking.

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Yes, Laughter Is The Best Medicine, But Sexist Jokes Can Be Bad For Your Health!

It's time we call out sexist jokes that are hurtful or shame other people - being light-hearted and funny does not mean we can say anything!

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Father’s Name…Husband’s Name Or Both? What’s In A Name Anyway?

I think there are bigger issues associated with marriage for women rather than just changing their name.

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Cooking With Kids

Introducing kids to cooking at an early stage helps parents inculcate one of the most basic life skills into them and also develops their creativity.

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The Not-So-Weighty Issues That Followed My Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't really trade anything for my baby, but do you also go through these after having put on weight post pregnancy? 

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The Lost Art Of Knitting!

I wonder even though I fancied the art of knitting why didn’t I ever learn knitting? Perhaps what I fancied more about the art of knitting was the emotions attached to it.

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Should We Continue Saying ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’?

Let’s take all measures to keep the fervour alive in our kids and not turn it into a nightmare. Have a safe and happy Holi.

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Was It Love At First Sight?

I realized love is a process and there is no defined time or reason to fall in love. Our love didn't happen at first sight.

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