The Not-So-Weighty Issues That Followed My Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't really trade anything for my baby, but do you also go through these after having put on weight post pregnancy? 

Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t really trade anything for my baby, but do you also go through these after having put on weight post pregnancy? 

No body shaming here. This is #Justforlaughs. I have experienced each one of these at some point.

I have had my struggle with weight issues post pregnancy. Sometimes I made peace with it, sometimes I did win over it. But the confidence and experiences that I have gained after being a mother are priceless. I wouldn’t trade these for a slimmer version of myself.

Adding a dash of humor to our everyday issues makes it easier to tackle. So read on ladies – you will relate to this as well.

Should I go shopping and buy a larger size, or should I wait for another month thinking I should lose some and then go shopping and then buy a larger size?


Tremendous pressure on the phone camera for the perfect angle to capture your picture looking thinner, your hair in place and the perfect smile (not too many teeth). And then shortlisting out of the gazillion pictures to put up on social media.

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Switching from vodka to mojito (not virgin) cause you can see some greens in your glass.


Convincing your daughter “I wasn’t snoring that sound was due to the eternal cold”.


Learning some reverse psychology like before people say “you have put on weight”. Tell them, “I have put on so much weight” and out of courtesy they would say “no you look perfectly fine”.


Going through an inner turmoil after having booked an uber. “I should have walked back home today but now I’ll be charged a cancellation fee.”


Constantly wondering whether blinking of eyelids and flipping your hair would count as a form of exercise.


Going through your old albums and finding the anorexic you and lamenting over it.


Dealing with the constant urge of posting a before and after collage on social media is the toughest.


Does it happen to you ladies?

Image source: a still from the movie Tumhari Sulu

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