Why I Have Plenty Of Entertainment While In Social Isolation – You Think I’m Joking?

What is life without any sense of humour? So this is our life in the times of coronavirus, balancing well with a dash of humour, some kindness and most importantly staying together as a family. 

What is life without any sense of humour? So this is our life in the times of coronavirus, balancing well with a dash of humour, some kindness and most importantly staying together as a family. 

Quarantined. Yes, the whole world has been quarantined for fighting against the deadly corona virus.

I have been having some weird thoughts lately like, Has our enemy been thinking we are cowards? I am sure it is having it’s own laugh and crying out, “Gaonwalo, ghar ke andar chudiyaan pehen ke kyu baithe ho? Himmat hai to samne aao.” (Folks, are you hiding inside your homes? Come out and face me.) Ignore the inherent sexism in that, though.

Well that is if the virus was ever introduced to some Bollywood movie. But the word is, it has travelled all the way from China. So maybe it was expecting some mortal combat. Sorry Mr Virus we ain’t giving you any taekwondo moves, but we surely will overcome you.

Meanwhile we are combating our quarantine days.

Let’s go back to our mythology when Sita was quarantined in Ashok Vatika.

Netflix & other things

Well, what did she have to complaint about? She had three meals served, or she could anytime pluck an apple for snacking. She wasn’t worried about the queue in the grocery shop. She never had to wash her own dishes or mop the floor. She had attendants for that. Well the only person who is not complaining doing that right now is Katrina Kaif. All other mommies are counting the number of dishes they are washing each day.

Sita had some entertainment going on as well. She had the ever entertaining Hanuman. If she wanted some gossip Mandodari gave her company. I am sure it was far more entertaining than Netflix.

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Ahh.. Talking of Netflix… I think I have been spending more time navigating than actually watching anything worthwhile. And by the way this has been the list of movies I have watched in chronological Order:
Two Popes
Marriage story
Charlie’s angel
Spiderman far from home
Angry birds
Ak Ayyappanum Koshiyum (unknown language for me)
Mamangam (unknown language for me)
Katti batti

And I have been frantically searching for “Paap ko jalakar raakh kar dunga!” Whatta dip in my taste, it crashed worse than the stock market!

WhatsApp groups & other social media

The society WhatsApp group which was silent for over a year now is discussing which bhaaji shop is open in their area. They have been counting and updating the statistics of how many people they could see on the roads from their balcony .

Some people are counting the number of holes in Marie biscuits, while some are striking a conversation with the spider who is a web designer, and some are counting the number of chips in a packet (size wise).

Social media is a mixture of emotions right now. While it is flooded with some humorous memes which does bring a smile on your face even though short lived, we are dreading the toll which show an upward trend for the casualties of this pandemic.

While some are happily posting their culinary skills, and some are advocating for keeping it to basics.

The soothsayers

You will be surprised to know how many people had predicted this pandemic before hand but no body had bothered to come up with an antidote. Ever wondered Why?

Biggest challenge? It is difficult managing WFH when you are also working at home. The child demands 3 meals and 8 snacks. You cannot restrict their screen time and ask them to study. If you do so they will demand 3 extra snacks.

The wives who are posting pictures of husbands in the kitchen…. Ahem didn’t you chop the veggies and grind the masala and put the “namak swadanusar”?

Well this is our life in the times of coronavirus. We are balancing well with a dash of humor, some kindness and most importantly staying together as a family. This day we all are equal and there is no FOMO.

Keep going and stay safe.

Image source: a still from the film Ghar ki Murgi

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