My Ten Commandments!!

A mothers message to her 10 years old daughter giving her the 10 commandment to make her life happy and joyful as she comes close to facing the world.

A mothers message to her 10 years old daughter giving her the 10 commandments to make her life happy and joyful as she comes close to facing the world.

Your first cry was indeed the best sound I had ever heard . Though shortly it changed into the most dreaded one. I wondered was it the Bollywood songs that I sang to you instead of the lullabies that made you cry. No, I would rather conveniently settle for the colic pain.

10 Years Since I Was Born As A Mother…

10 years have gone by since I was born as a mother and by now I should easily call myself an experienced mother. But hey no, you have been growing too and each day comes with a fresh challenge and I upgrade myself to a new version. Oh ! How I wish I was employed with apple (I would have been better equipped with upgrading myself).

Your Growth

Talking of upgrading, I have seen you upgrade from Doremon to spiderman to power Rangers to Radha krishna currently. I have seen you upgrade as a shy kid to a chatter box. I have seen you upgrade from a kid who dreaded sitting on a swing to happily swinging away for hours. I have seen you always being a happy kid around your grandparents all these years to happily hearing bedtime stories from your nanny now.

Qualities That Make Me Proud

You do not bring medals home very often, but when I receive an unexpected message from a fellow mom saying “Anupriya is a very helpful and kind hearted girl. You are raising her so well”, my heart only swells with pride. It is the best reward any parent can ever ask for(no cliche).
These are no great achievements that I would brag as a parent, but there are certainly that qualities you possess that makes me a proud parent at heart.

Today you are touching the 2 digit mark. Know that it’s a big wide world in front of you. Know that it will treat you well most times or not. Never hesitate to come and seek advice from your parents after all they have experienced it for 30 more years than you. But if you want to take it your way then go head.

I Still Have 10 Commandments For You:

1.Read all the fairy tales and know that they are just tales.
2.Trust people, but also trust your own instincts. They never lie.
3.Reach for the stars but be ok if you cannot reach it. You tried.
4.Be kind. But also learn to say “No”
5. Be practical. Also consider what your heart says.
6.Make your decisions and learn to own them. know that It’s ok to falter sometimes.
7.Have patience. Good things always don’t take time. Have the patience to conclude what seemed good at first was indeed good.
8.Be confident. But know “being confident” is about being absolutely sure about your own capabilities and not undermining others.
9.Don’t hesitate to express. Express love, gratitude, respect, happiness, sadness, anger. It will keep you going.
10.Be happy. Be happy as you are, now and forever.

Happy 10th my kindheart !!

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