I am mridula having completed post graduation in English literature and language. I was working as a teacher for two years before in a reputed school. Presently I am planning to enhance my career in the field of writing.

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Dear Society! Stop Taking So Much Interest in the Lives of Others

Most people are more interested in the lives of others rather than their own. Is it time to consider that we should just let people be?

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Spread The Vision Of Success With More Experiments And Research

Education is meaningful only when it directs a child to think and create something extraordinary. Learning is complete only by a proper evaluation.

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Positivity And Negativity – Two Sides Of Any Relationship

Remember relationships are based on respect, patient, trust and mutual understanding. These are imperative and universal across all relationships.

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How To Stand And Be Flexible In Your Career Life?

Learning is not a big problem, but what to learn and how to sustain one's career is the ultimate target. Know how to strike the perfect balance.

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Alcohol Addiction: A Disaster For Family And Society

Alcohol addiction leads to disastrous outcomes affecting families and society adversely. 

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How Are Rich And Common People Treated In The Society?

People are the strength and voice of a nation. They have the right to enjoy their freedom irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and culture in the society.

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How To Behave Well In A Workplace? And What Are The Qualities Of A Good Employee?

Most of us have problems and issues at our workplace. It may vary and depend on person to person. The most important attitude that every employee must keep within him/her is patience and self-confidence.

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Child Marriage & Child Labour Are Actually More Similiar Than You Think!

Here is an interesting take on possible similarities between child marriage and child labour. These crimes against children still prevailing in our society, are more similiar than you would think. 

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What Are The Most Beneficial Components Of Good Health?

Today, in the present world we must be very conscious of our health. Conscious in the sense, taking care of health in a systematic and perfect manner.

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How Being Friends With Your Children Helps!

The writer talks about the importance of the parent-child relationship and how it is important to be friends with our children.

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