Alcohol Addiction: A Disaster For Family And Society

Alcohol addiction leads to disastrous outcomes affecting families and society adversely. 

Alcohol addiction leads to disastrous outcomes affecting families and society adversely. 

He is an alcoholic! What does it mean? It means, he is addicted to alcohol. Alcohol is considered to be a toxic element which causes a serious effect on family and society.

People consider alcohol the primary drink for any celebration. Whether it is marriage, birthday, farewell, new year party, Christmas etc, alcohol plays a main role. People do not think of it’s side effects or future consequences of having excessive liquor. Even boys below 15 years of age are addicted to alcohol. Here are some of the consequences and effects of alcohol to health, family, and society:

Killer Of Health

The first and foremost aftermath of alcohol is that it can cause a serious defect to the body.  We in a way invite hazardous disease to our body. People don’t think of its outcome on their health. Many a times health hazards like organ failure is due to the excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. Also, in many cases alcohol is exported from abroad without a legal permission. The addiction for alcohol starts when one is a teenager. Kidney functions and acts as a body filter by removing all the harmful and impure things from the system. The removal of the toxic element like alcohol is hence removed from this organ and during the excretion, it affects the kidney badly. So, people must avoid alcohol. Alcohol causes high blood pressure as well. Thus, our body gets worsened day by day owing to our addiction to alcohol.

Destroys Family

A child feels very sad and disappointed in the school if someone in his family is addicted to alcohol. He is ashamed of telling his teacher that, “my father drinks and beats all the members of the family”. Such incidents are happening all around the world. Relationships break due to alcohol. When a person gets addicted to alcohol, he loses control over himself and can do anything to his family. He acts like a psychotic. Nowadays, it is common to see brothers killing brothers, son killing father. Blood ties hold no importance and one of the primary causes of these destructive scenarios is alcohol addiction. It has the potential to turn people into maniacs. People have a misconception that alcohol makes them strong and even relieves their pain and tension. This draws them towards alcohol and before they realize they are addicted.

Hampers Society

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Society is considered to be a social group of varied people living as a whole. If people commit offenses such as assault, crimes, fights, it may result in great damage to the entire community. Nowadays, it is seen that alcohol is the root cause of many social problems. Alcoholism leads to many crimes as well as joblessness, financial problems, mental health issues, sexual assault and so on. Even political war is organized among the leaders with this particular poison. People are losing their lives owing to this harmful element. Youth and teenagers are really exploited with this hazardous poison. From the young age itself, they move to this addiction resulting in dropouts, joblessness, and even sexual assault. Alcohol many a times is the starting point of addiction towards other toxic elements such as drugs.

Alcohol is a huge disaster to the family and society.  An individual should pledge to not fall into the trap of alcohol addiction. Government should take a strong initiative that alcohol must be prohibited in all celebrations. Let us hope for a future when alcohol and drugs are banned.

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