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Education is meaningful only when it directs a child to think and create something extraordinary. Learning is complete only by a proper evaluation.

Education is meaningful only when it directs a child to think and create something extraordinary. Learning is complete only by a proper evaluation.

A student must know how to think and create something in his life. Education is not just memorizing and spitting on a paper. It should enable a child to show a positive judgement. There are many stages and platform in an effective educational system. students need to research, gather and assess various relevant information to imbibe it on their practical study. They must use abstract ideas to interpret it. We need to encourage them to create and promote an intrinsic attitude towards learning. A critical and analytical skill helps a child to construct accurate ideas in his learning process. The major function of critical thinking in the formulation of ideas are:

Enables a child to understand different approaches to a problem

By critical thinking, a student will assess the problem on the basis of clarity, accuracy, depth and precision. They can reach out to various conclusion by deep thought and precision. The way of approach to different strategy depends entirely on their cognitive and decision-making power. This enables them to clear all task-oriented strategy in a flexible manner. They receive more ideas on innovative and reasoning method. Thus it boosts their memory power in a productive way.

Helps to create and construct accurate ideas

In order to implement a meaningful concept, we need a precise and specific idea for it. Critical thinking enables a child to construct valid idea on a particular topic. It motivates them to think about different methods in their learning process. Ideas consist of lots of assumptions and inference. Critical thinking helps to overcome those assumptions in a methodological way. Hence they win in their learning outcome.

Implement judgement on various concept

Critical thinking enhance to judge and find the result on the assigned work. It has a close association with reasoning and problem-solving method. So it would assess a problem in a stretchable manner. we must evaluate content in a reasonable and conceptual form. Critical thinking is like a system where it opens ideas, ethics, social awareness, communication etc. we just need to keep some target and objective behind it.

Thus a course or study must contain interest and need of a student. It should modify the critical and cognitive skill of a learner.there is a quote by Peter Facione as “Education is nothing more nor less, than learning to think”. Each and every child has the power to think and test information in an explicit manner.

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