How Are Rich And Common People Treated In The Society?

People are the strength and voice of a nation. They have the right to enjoy their freedom irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and culture in the society.

People are the strength and voice of a nation. They have the right to enjoy their freedom irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and culture in the society.

All people must be equal before law and justice. But the present world has classified people into rich and common man. Rich people are those who are envied for creating wealth and enjoy a lavish life. Whereas poor is the one who runs across the world for their daily fulfillment. They don’t have much desire or plan for their future and live for one day at a time.

Why does such similarities or differences come among them? It’s nothing but the division of people into different classes on the basis of:

Status and the way of their appearance

If a person from a rich family qualifies for higher degree profession, then he will be grouped under the high-class people. Whereas on the other side if the same situation is pursued by a common man, he will be categorized under low-class society. What is the reason for this?

Another example is a fisherman selling fish from the footpath, and other is a professional graduate in fisheries selling it with all kinds of high tech facilities in a shop. How will they both be treated? It’s quite clear that in both cases the status groups them into different classes. As fisherman sell fish on the footpath, he is considered to be poor, on the other hand, the one with a professional degree will be under the rich category. Sometimes even his fish might be considered neater and cleaner.

It’s one small instance that is happening in our society. There are many such incidents and situation where poor and rich are classified according to their status. Sometimes they are divided according to their style of dressing, when they are waiting in queues for paying money at government offices, in hospitals or any other institutions. Common people would arrive early morning without having any breakfast or food and stand in the queue. Finally when the concerned authority starts the service, a man who just arrived 5 minutes before may pay and reached their office. Because he might be having some power or recommendation from high authority people. So, he doesn’t need a queue or the rush. When common people talk against them, they create unwanted issues against the person and sometimes even deny their payment.

This kind of discrimination is prevalent throughout the world. Another way of the division is according to:

The dignity of power and strength

If common man has done any crime or fault, they would be immediately taken into custody and remain there for a long period. But rich people would first call for settlement in the way of cash or position which would never be disclosed among public. But will be settled among few authorities.

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Has anyone heard of raids in five-star hotels? We hear them in one-star or ordinary hotels, but never in a top star hotel. The reason is nothing, simply they would have high power and money to influence the officers. They mostly won’t be  concerned about the food quality or other amenities. Before such inspection, they would receive a prior message from higher authority officers. Everywhere, whether its hospital, bank, insurance office, village offices, post office – recommendation and influence has got high value and a lot power. This way a rich man and a poor one are differentiated.

The above two discrimination comes mainly in rural and remote areas. The poor won’t be well educated or literate. So, whatever order or rule applied by a rich man would be followed by the common people. They don’t even have any rights to raise their voice against social problems. Common people are severely oppressed by the society in those areas. But in most of the states these kinds of activities are prohibited. Government has made strict rules to ban such methods and practices. But sometimes those issues will be faced by all the people in their own places, which won’t be disclosed among anyone.

The above situation is a very few compared to that of the whole world. Today it is you, and tomorrow it might be me.  All people are equal before law and justice. They have the freedom to act and oppose for all the things that happen in the world. We are used to celebrating independence day, republic day and every other public day altogether. But the celebration must not end for one day. The thoughts and words raised during such events must be followed throughout the year to help and serve our people equally with all their rights.

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