Positivity And Negativity – Two Sides Of Any Relationship

Remember relationships are based on respect, patient, trust and mutual understanding. These are imperative and universal across all relationships.

It is quite obvious that we run through different stages in a relationship. It is not permanently fixed at a point. If we think that a relationship will fetch us happiness and joy always, it is not possible. Then it can’t be termed as the relationship. Relationships are filled with both positive and negative aspect. People always desire good things and want to lead a lavish life. But an individual is a mixture of many feelings and emotions. So these emotions can drive a person to behave differently in a relationship.

How to make a relationship stable?

Any relationship, be it friendship, husband and wife, parent and child, girlfriend and boyfriend or anything, must have trust and mutual understanding. This is the most relevant aspect of a good relationship. We should respect and trust each other. For example, if somebody says anything bad about your friend or accuses him of theft or any other crime, then the first thing you should do is talk to your friend. Do not overreact and start shouting. Sit with him and understand what happened. If he is really guilty, then make him aware of his doing. Convince him to not repeat his actions in the future. In spite of this, if he still continues with is behaviour, then give him a piece of your mind.

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Nobody in the world was born as a thief or criminal. Certain circumstances in life drive them to become these. Sometimes with certain positivity, a person can show changes in his personality. This is only a case among many. We should not react at anyone suddenly. Try to understand the situation and act accordingly.

Understand the reality and find a solution

Suppose someone from our family gets injured or faces severe health issues. What are the things we need to do now? First, we should realize and understand the issue. Rather than feeling dull or sad, we must give them positive energy. Like, talk about fun and positive things. They should never think that we are showing sympathy towards them. People don’t like getting sympathy or pity from anyone.

We must behave as normal as possible. If we show extra care and love, they may get more disappointed. In order to avoid such things behave as usual in a calm and friendly way. We know that there is a crisis but deal with it in your mind. During conversations, be careful not to share any negative energy. Always make the patient upbeat and happy with positive energy.

Do and serve each other

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No one knows what lies in store for each on us. Life is unpredictable. Whatever happens, must be accepted as the work of fate. So, during the journey, what everyone can do is offer to help and serve each other. Always behave in a polite way. If today we have lots of money, tomorrow it might be with our neighbour. The daily newspaper reports social and domestic problems across the world. These problems hover around familial relationships like dowry, torture, will-related, sexual harassment and so on. People are acting like animals. Even animals have respect and love with their own.

Thus the world is moving with both positivity and negativity. People are the victims of both of these. So whatever may be the hurdles in any relationship, sort it out in a peaceful manner. Remember relationships are based on respect, patient, trust and mutual understanding. These are imperative and universal across all relationships.


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