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How Being Friends With Your Children Helps!

Posted: June 12, 2018

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The writer talks about the importance of the parent-child relationship and how it is important to be friends with our children.

There are a lots of changes between the new generation and the old generation. Today, most of the parents are friends to their children. But, on the other hand, there are some parents who do not get time to spend even a few minutes with their young ones. They are busy with their office work and so on. Our responsibility as a parent doesn’t end after putting children at school. I have seen many children share their personal problems with their friends. Parents need to be very careful while communicating with each other in front of the children. Problems between father and mother may affect children very badly. Following are certain tips which parents could follow:

Be Positive

Every parent must be conscious of how they behave with their children. If a child scores less marks in the exam, we should never play blame-game, rather advice positively so that they can perform better in the future. We should also look into their mistakes and help them. In this way, they would be able to overcome the exam tension and would be self-confident.

Spend time with them

This is the most important thing, that every parent should possess while bringing up a child. They should express their love and care for their children. This itself would make a lot of difference. At least spend two hours in a day with them, spending quality time in each other’s company. And teach them what is right and wrong? Make them a better citizen by telling them stories and discuss with them the incidents that are happening around the world. Make sure they develop a  practice to read books and newspaper. Let them learn and grow.

Be patient

This is an important quality and every parent should work towards being patient. When children do something wrong, the first thing we need to do is to find out what has happened? Before scolding them, try to calm them. Make them realize their mistakes. Then, explain the consequences of their mistakes and how it will affect them. In this way, you can control your temper and be patient caregivers.

Be a friend and a role model

Your children should never say that, “I am scared of my parents“. Ask every tiny thing that happens to them and give them proper advice on how to handle a particular situation. They should see you as a positive influence on them. Nowadays, children deal with a number of issues. They should have the courage to share those things with their parents. If we behave rudely with them, they won’t talk to us about anything. So, try to understand them as a friend. When you attain the position of a friend, automatically you would end up becoming their confidant.

Thus, it is important to encourage and cheer the younger generation towards a bright future.

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