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What Are The Most Beneficial Components Of Good Health?

Today, in the present world we must be very conscious of our health. Conscious in the sense, taking care of health in a systematic and perfect manner.

Today, in the present world we must be very conscious of our health. Conscious in the sense, taking care of health in a systematic and perfect manner.

Our body works a number of functions. We must regulate and balance it with regular exercise and wellness. The fitness of our body depends on the exercise, yoga, jogging or any kinds of work out. We used to say a proverb,” health is wealth”. Actually it defines as, if we are healthy, we can enjoy life happily. Without proper health, what is the need of being wealthy? The money cannot buy any health. It is our responsibility to maintain proper body and power. So here are some of the methods to maintain a proper health and fitness to our body.

The food habits of our day to day life

We are running in a fast and furious life. We don’t have time to check our food habits and run with our busy schedule. But did you ever think of the risk cause in our body? Most of the people live a life of junk and adulterated food, over-consumption of alcohol, polluted surrounding and unlimited smoking habit. These are some of the fatal and incurable things that cause us to serious illness. Serious illness means the result would be death. Diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, asthma and depression are seen today as similar to fever and cold. Usually fever and cold come alternately to our body. But out of 100 people, 80% have those kinds of symptoms.

So how can you address these issues? What are the solutions? The only way is to control and balance the diet properly. Overeating doesn’t create any benefit to our body. Have food which contains proteins, calcium, minerals, fibres, iron etc. The habit of having fruits, sprouts, vegetables, leaf items itself give a healthy life. These shouldn’t have it all together. In a day at least take 1 apple, 1banana, include all the vegetables in your meal, egg, and drink 1glass of milk at night daily. Avoiding soft drinks, alcohol content, smoking itself keeps a stamina to our body. Thus it yields a good result on our health.

Keep a flexible body

Actually, a flexible body is the ability of the motion or movement that a body’s joint part is performing. Our body is connected to different joints. So each part of the joint consists of various flexibility to build body. So by doing regular exercise and fitness, we can achieve a high range of motion. Improved flexibility can lead to less chance of injury. Most of the people overestimate that after burning calories in their body, they can eat more. But that is the fault concept. We need to maintain proper calorie food. And exercise is good for proper brain function, blood glucose level, immune system and good sleep cycles. So manage a flexible and posture life.

Importance of body composition

Body composition is the proportion of fat-free mass in our body. We need to get rid of fatty food. It is essential to maintain regular posture and body position in any dynamic situation. We need to coordinate body parts to yield a smooth motion. Thus it gives us an improved basal metabolic rate and improved BMI. The BMI calculates the actual function of the body with regard to height and weight. There is a range of measurement in it. It reads accordingly. We need an ability to apply force on an object. It can be obtained only through muscular capacity. Muscular contractions can perceive only through physical fitness. Thus generate your power and stability through hard work.

A well-balanced life depends on the lifestyle, good relationship, physical activity, career success and good mental capability. Thus concentrate and lead a quality based life through well-structured lifestyle.

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