A writer and singer by soul and homemaker by role, I am Malini Misra. I have dabbled with all the aspects of media, be it print, television, and also worked on research of a book as copywriter. When I am not looking after home needs, my passion lies in Hindustani Classical Music and writing. I hope to be a professional singer, writer and critic someday.

Voice of Malini

Dhanashri Ghaisas
A Chat With Dhanashri Ghaisas, A Fresh Young Voice From The Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana

Dhanashri Ghaisas, a talented Hindustani vocalist of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana, shishya of Vidushi Dr Ashwini Bhide Deshpande, says passion for music is what drives her.

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When I learnt To Seek The Purpose Behind My Pursuits!

A reflective post about a woman who learned to question the purpose behind doing the things that she did.

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Why I Don’t Buy Into Anupama Chopra’s Recent Take On Sexism In Film Music

Anchor Anupama Chopra started a storm in the cup, with her recent coffee table debate with the new brigade of female playback singers.

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timetable of a woman's life
The New Tanishq Ad Sets A ‘Timetable’ For A Woman’s Life – Nope, I Don’t Buy It!

Is there a timetable of a woman's life that we need to keep up with? No. That makes this ad by Tanishq irrelevant and offensive.

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What you should know about mammograms
What You Should Know About Mammograms & Other Breast Cancer Testing

When mammograms are an effective way to detect breast cancer at an early stage, why do we avoid them? interview with Dr. Kumar Deep Dutta

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A Whole New World Of Music Apps: With The Dell Venue Tab

Don't stop believing, you've got the music in you. For music lovers and aspiring musicians, these wonderful music apps must not be missed!

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Yoga, Women, And My New Friend: The Dell Venue Tab

Yoga apps and resources can make a world of difference to your Yoga practice. Find the best free yoga apps here!

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Why every woman needs work
Why Every Woman Needs To Work, Even If She Doesn’t Have A Job

Why work is so important to a woman's life, and why every woman must try it to keep the smile on her face

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Happy song
Seen The Happy Song By Pharell Williams? Watch It Again!

If you haven't already seen the Happy song by Pharell Williams, you must. I know many have already, but I feel its important that this song reaches everyone on the planet!

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The obsession with female actors' wardrobe malfunctions
Why Are Female Actors’ Undergarments Your Business?

Have camera, will click! That seems to be the motto of many camerapersons who wait with bated breath for female actors' wardrobe malfunctions.

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Janet Yegneswaran
Janet Yegneswaran: Green Warrior At Trees For Free [Interview]

When you can’t stop the evil in people, bring out the good instead. This thought drove Janet Yegneswaran, to start Trees For Free and become a green warrior.

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Newsflash: Women Are All Right Just Being Themselves!

Ads give us an "ideal" woman who is the perfect homemaker, career woman, mother and everything else. But, women Are All Right Just Being Themselves!

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