Why Are Female Actors’ Undergarments Your Business?

Have camera, will click! That seems to be the motto of many camerapersons who wait with bated breath for female actors' wardrobe malfunctions.

Have camera, will click! That seems to be the motto of many camerapersons who wait with bated breath for female actors’ wardrobe malfunctions.

After reading and seeing quite many articles and pictures of Bollywood stars and their wardrobe malfunctions, I have come to the conclusion that I completely resent this type of media which is so busy looking underneath women’s skirts to see if a heroine has just by chance shown the camera something hidden and private. Imagine what an odd situation it is; these girls are wearing some pretty tight short skirts or frocks and they are on promotion of the work they’ve just finished or they are out promoting a brand, and off go the shutterbugs and their cameras, click click click, ‘we saw her chaddi or we didn’t’.

Oh c’mon, is there all that is there to a female lead? As a woman, I feel sorry for my tribe. Now, they are just trying to do some work. And it is ridiculous, that there is a picture on the Internet every now and then, which some jerk with a camera took, catching them in the wrong position. Don’t we all goof up sometimes? Why can’t there be a male wardrobe malfunction? Let’s have a peek a boo, sometimes at the men too. By the way, most men won’t have a problem with that, which is a pity too.

Here’s why media should leave the women alone:

1.  What a girl wears underneath her clothes is no one’s business. It is in fact totally ridiculous when you think that India wants to know what she wore underneath (or didn’t wear). Don’t you think it is crossing the line of privacy?

2. It is actually hypocritical when you speak of protecting women and safeguarding them, but target another set of women, just because you think their life is on display; after all they signed up for a life of free clicks.

3. Sometimes, no one cares if Katrina accidentally showed ‘that slip’ or Deepika showed matching panties. So?

4. It is time we really start respecting a woman’s space. Just because she wears what she does on screen and shows skin for an item song, that doesn’t mean she wants your camera to be fixed to spot malfunctions.

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5.  We get that if someone trips on the ramp, it could be news for you; but someone was sitting and changed position and showed an undergarment; really? So this poor lady is talking about her work, and that’s what the media is looking for? Her underwear! Yes, you guessed it right.

6. She is entering an event and how the hell do you get in front of the car and get a perfect shot of her with her skirt up? As a woman, I don’t know how they keep quiet and don’t make a big deal out of it, but it is disgusting that some people are so jobless or even make a living out of clicking those pictures.

7. These leading women are actually in high pressure jobs where they put on make up and are shooting for days, sometimes months away from home. They are on stage to speak about their work; can we give them their due? Don’t you think you can give them some credit for what they do, and stop fantasizing about what colour undergarment she wore or did not?

8. Lastly, remember women are also human beings? So are these women from show biz. It actually offends me as a woman, to see that a camera man was so fixated at her skirt that he waited to click at the right moments. I don’t think most of us are interested in such demeaning pictures.

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