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Kanav Sahgal

Kanav Narayan Sahgal is a post-graduate student at Azim Premji University, Bangalore where he's pursuing his Master’s in Development.

Voice of Kanav Sahgal

Coming Out Of The Closet Is Still A Privilege In India, But It Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

"Because we live in a society where heterosexuality and cis-genderism is seen as the default ‘normal’, you are never truly ever ‘out of the closet’," says this young man who came out as gay. 

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We Are Free, Yet In Chains

Freedom from prejudices and feeling of oneness with humanity.. will we ever achieve this?

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In the world that demands perfect bodies, what do the normal person feel?

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A Poem For Him

I hope someday that he will see how much I want him. I hope someday, we will have that destination wedding.But till then, I’ll keep thinking.Because all I have is hope. Even when he says the simplest of things, my heart skips a beat.Even when he is unromantic, my hormones rage just thinking of him.That […]

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Leave Me Alone; I Refuse To Be Your Agony Aunt

A relationship should be based on mutual give and take. It becomes toxic when it is a one way street, with one person bearing all the emotional labour for both.

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“I Am Convinced That What I Seek Is Intimacy, But What I Get Is Sex”

Are love and lust interchangeable? Is intimacy the same as sex? What is it that you seek? Is it love or is it intimacy?

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Suicide Is Not Just ‘Me,’ It Is A Problem Of ‘We’ – Why India Needs To Understand It Is A Public Health Issue

Suicide is one of the issues plaguing our society, yet is rarely talked about. Isn't it time we address the issue that is causing so many deaths each year?

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