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Leave Me Alone; I Refuse To Be Your Agony Aunt

Posted: January 8, 2020

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A relationship should be based on mutual give and take. It becomes toxic when it is a one way street, with one person bearing all the emotional labour for both.

Thank you for remembering me only when you’re drunk
for texting me only when you are lonely
and calling me only when you are bored

While you don’t explicitly say it, it is understood

And while I don’t say anything to you,
let it be known that you hurt me every time

I refuse to be your hobby and pastime
And I refuse to be your agony aunt

Leave me alone and let me be
I have too many of my own demons to fight on my own
to think about yours

And why should I shoulder your responsibilities anyway?
What exactly do you have to offer?
Apart from quick sex and a quick friendship?

Talk to me about my work, about your work,
about your dreams, desires and aspirations
about our future together

Make me your priority and I will make you mine
Treat me like an option, and watch me leave you at the drop of a hat

I am tired of being taken advantage of
of not being taken seriously
and having my emotional labour exploited

I am putting my foot down, here and now
once and for all

Call me selfish, call me moody and call me rude
I don’t care
For I value myself too much
to be taken for granted by you

A version of this was first published here.

Image source: unsplash

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