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Jigyansa Mohanty

A former Banking and SAP professional, I love scribbling my thoughts. Mother to two boys, I believe life is all about creating oneself.

Voice of Jigyansa Mohanty

visa wife
7 Things A Husband Must NEVER Say To His Visa Wife And Rub In Her Dependent Status

'The joy of living abroad' syndrome is often found in many Indians, and the husband often inadvertently rubs in the dependent status that a Visa wife might find problematic.

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Pandemic Blues: Naina And Her World Of Dreams

The Pandemic has created havoc by not only taking human life but also by snatching the only source of income of many like Naina...

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Is The Work From Home Model The New Normal & Does It Make Sense For All?

The work from home model is being seen as the right way forward, after its adoption during the pandemic. But will it solve all our problems?

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Get Well Soon New York!!

My heart wails when I read about ever increasing COVID 19 cases in New York. I can’t see this energetic place become inactive and amble.

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We Don’t Need A Brother…

When you grow up as two sisters in the Indian society, you constantly come across the question about not having a brother.

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Home Is Where The Mom Is

“Home sweet home, There’s no place like home…………” These lines would be uttered by my Mom, whenever we would be back home after a vacation or just after a tiring day outside. In my formative years I couldn’t relate to this phrase for sure. I always used to wonder “What’s so good about coming back […]

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Revathi Amma

With each passing day Madhu’s restlessness was touching new heights. She had so much to discuss with Amma but she couldn’t.

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An Unexpected Turn In Marriage Brings Tears of Joy

The calm and patient Nalini was not ready to take it anymore. After knowing the truth about Satish, it was becoming difficult for her to even speak to him.

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